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WhatsApp to Get Synced with Facebook

whatsapp endtoend facebook - NDTV Photo
Whatsapp Facebook EndtoEnd  – Javier Santos Photo

For better Facebook experiences, instant messaging app WhatsApp is expected to launch a feature where Facebook and WhatsApp can be merged so that the user can enjoy the messaging and calling feature. The probability of the introduction of this new feature was confirmed when Javier Santos, Android developer, posted the screenshot images of the new feature from the Account settings of WhatsApp. The service is believed to be available in the version 2.12.413.

Though it’s an optional feature, the clarity on the feature is still awaited. It is not yet clear how much information will be shared in case the accounts have end-to-end encryption. After taking control over WhatsApp in 2014, Facebook has been endeavoring to make the WhatsApp experience better.
On Tuesday, WhatsApp was trending on the social-networking sites for going down globally. The service of the messaging app crashed temporarily in various countries including India, the US, Japan and Malaysia. However, the services were retrieved in an hour.

Lately, WhatsApp freed its users from the annual fee charge of $1 for using WhatsApp. The company refused to opt for third party advertisement on the application, and said that users are already enjoying the benefits of business transactions on the app.

A statement on the WhatsApp blog read, “Naturally, people might wonder how we plan to keep WhatsApp running without subscription fees and if today’s announcement means we are introducing third-party advertisements. The answer is no.” With almost a billion users, WhatsApp has undoubtedly become the most preferred free messaging app.

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