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What happened to Tata Motors and Bajaj sales, Hyundai, Escorts along with other companies


new Delhi. Sales figures of auto companies have started coming in from the first of December. Sales figures of half a dozen companies have arrived. While figures of some big companies are still awaited. It is possible that by this evening, the figures should be introduced. However, the figures of all companies have been better than October. Be it the figures of Tata Motors, or Bajaj Auto. Hyundai’s figures have been a bit disappointing. While Eicher Motors and Escorts figures better. Let us also tell you how the figures of these companies have been seen.

Bumper sale of Maruti cars
– Maruti Suzuki India sold a total of 1,53,223 units in November 2020.
– In November 2019, the company sold a total of 150,630 units.
– Maruti sales have registered a growth of 1.7% in this November month compared to last year.
– Compared to October 2020, Maruti had sold 1,82,448 units this month.
– Sales of the company declined by 16 per cent in November 2020 as compared to October 2020.
– In November 2020, 135,775 units were sold in the domestic market.
– In November 2019, the company sold 1,39,133 units.
– Maruti sales registered a decline of 2.4% in November 2020 as compared to November 2019.
– Talking about the month-to-month sales, Maruti had sold 1,63,656 units in October 2020.
– The company has lost 17% of its sales in the Indian market in November 2020 as compared to October 2020.

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21% increase in total sales of Tata Motors
– Tata Motors reported a 20.73 per cent increase in total sales in November on a year-on-year basis.
– Tata Motors Limited has sales of 49,650 vehicles (units) in the domestic and international market in November.
– In November 2019, this figure was 41,124 units.
– Total domestic sales increased from 38,057 units to 47,859 units in November 2019, which saw an increase of 26 per cent.
– Total passenger vehicle sales grew 108 percent in the month under review.
– 21,641 units as against 10,400 units sold in the same period last year.
– Commercial vehicle sales declined by 9 percent to 27,982 units from 30,588 units during the reporting period.

Bajaj Auto sales up 5 percent
– Two-wheeler and commercial vehicle manufacturer Bajaj Auto reported a 5 per cent increase in total sales during November on a year-on-year basis.
– During the month under review, total sales increased from 4,03,223 units to 4,22,240 units as compared to November of last year.
– Total domestic sales of Bajaj Auto were 1,98,933 units as against 2,07,775 units in November last year.
The total exports of the company increased by 14 percent to 2,23,307 units from 1,95,448 units during the month of November in 2019.
– Two-wheelers total sales increased 12 percent to 3,84,993 units from 3,43,446 units sold in November last year.
– Commercial vehicle sales declined by 38 percent to 37,247 units in the month under review. Which was 59,777 units in the same period last year.

Increase in sales of Escorts and Eicher Motors
– Total sales of Escorts grew by 33 percent year-on-year.
– Total sales have increased by 33 percent to 10,165 units.
The company’s domestic sales during the period increased by 31 per cent year-on-year to 9,662 units.
– Exports grew by 91.3 percent to 503 units on an annual basis on commercial vehicles.
Eicher Motors’ total commercial vehicle sales grew 3.2 percent.
– Commercial vehicle sales of the company increased from 3594 to 3710 units.
– Commercial vehicle exports decreased from 502 to 473 units.
– Domestic commercial vehicle sales grew 4.7 percent to 3,088 units.

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Hyundai Motor India sales fall
– Hyundai Motor India recorded a 2 per cent decline in total sales including exports.
– The company sold 60,500 units in November 2019, while this November sold only 59,200 units.
– In the same month of last year, a total of 44,600 units were sold, whereas in November this year, domestic sales of 48,800 units were sold.
– During November 2019, 15,900 units were exported, which decreased by 34.6 percent to 10,400 units this November.


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