‘Virula: Renaissance Outlaw’—former gangster on being an author


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The story of gangster-turned-author best describes the irony of life. Roy Albert Andrade—more popularly known as RAA—started off on the streets of Pacoima, California as a gangster. As a kid, RAA was forced to get along with the street mafia to secure his own safety. RAA was forced to engage in anti-social activities such as gang wars and drug peddling. Soon the little innocent boy became notorious gangster. Although, never accused of any wrong deeds, RAA got a jail term because of his connection with the drug mafia. However, his jail sentence became the turning point of his life. He wrote two bestsellers ‘Cultivating the DNA of crime’ and ‘Virula: Renaissance Outlaw’. Yes! The man who was once a drug overlord became an author. After being released from jail, RAA got enrolled at University of Phoenix and found his passion for writing. Both the crime fiction novels first person view of people’s lives who went down the wrong path. RAA has added humor and puns which is quite surprising because crime fictions usually lack humor.
RAA utilized his time at Salina’s Valley State Prison by taking different academic courses and participating in self-help group activities. He also interviewed fellow prisoners to know their stories. The insights he gained by interviewing other prisoners reflects in his books. The way the story has been presented leaves readers wanting for more. What makes this book unique is RAA’s own experience of the negative world. The perspective he has provided of a gangster’s life in his book leaves readers enthralled.
RAA follows a DIY (Do-it-Yourself) way of life. He says his perceptions changed after reading ‘Think Like a Billionaire’ by Donald Trump. RAA’s first publisher and friend and mentor—George Pryce—motivated him constantly. RAA and Pryce are working on third book which would be next in the Virula series.
RAA’s first book ‘Cultivating the DNA of crime’ depicts how a 13 year old kid became a killer. His second book ‘Virula: Renaissance Outlaw’ showcases the lives of gangsters. It beautifully showcases a love story that brew out of chaos. RAA has already got fans across the world.