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Vegetables price increased by 200%, know how much difference between which vegetables came between June and July


new Delhi. In the era of Coronavirus Crisis, food and food have also become expensive. Especially the price of vegetables (Vegetables Price Hike) has increased strongly in the last one month. The retail price of all vegetables (Vegetables Retail Price Hike) has increased from 25 percent to 200 percent. Tomato prices have increased the most. Vegetable traders say prices have risen due to crop failure during the rainy season.

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Wholesale price rise
Azadpur Agricultural Produce Marketing Committee (APMC) Chairman Adil Ahmad Khan said that prices of most green vegetables have registered an increase in the past one month due to the reduced arrival in the rainy season. According to Khan, the prices of vegetables have also increased due to the inflation of diesel. “Vegetable traders say that the cost of transportation of vegetables has increased due to diesel being expensive,” he said.

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Wholesale prices of vegetables changed in one month in Azadpur mandi

The vegetables Average June Price (Rs. Per kg) Average July Price (in Rs per kg)
potato 15.25 16.15


14.75 36



Gourd / ghee 10 12
ladyfinger 14 16.50
Cucumber 11 12.75


12 12


15.75 15
capsicum 10.25 16.50
Ridge gourd 10.50 10
onion 6 9.50

Vegetable retail prices are high
Retail vegetable retailer Ashok Mahato does not have to bear the cost of transportation of vegetables from his fields to shops, but he also now sells vegetables at a higher price than before. Ashok Mahato has cultivated brinjal, gourd, bitter gourd, lady’s finger, cucumber etc. in it by taking some big land on lease just one kilometer from his shop. Ashok Mahato told that usually the crop starts to deteriorate when the rainy season starts, which reduces the yield. This is the reason why the prices of vegetables are increasing.

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How expensive vegetables became in a month in Delhi-NCR

The vegetables Retail price in first week of June (Rs. Per kg) Retail price in first week of July (Rs. Per kg)
potato 20-25 30-35
cauliflower 30-40 60-80
tomatoes 20-30 60-80
onion 20-25 25-30
Gourd / ghee 20 30
ladyfinger 20 30-40
Cucumber 20 50
pumpkin 10-15 20-30
Brinjal 20 40
capsicum 60 80
Ridge gourd 20 40
Carla 15 20

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