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User asked Sonu Sood for help in increasing mobile internet speed, actor gave a funny answer


Bollywood actor Sonu Sood is nothing less than a messiah for the needy. He is ready to help everyone. Sonu provides all possible help to those seeking help through social media. Meanwhile, a man has asked Sonu Sood for help to increase his mobile internet speed in a funny way, to which the actor has also given a funny answer.

Replying on Twitter, Sonu wrote, “Will you be able to manage till tomorrow morning? Right now, I am a little busy in getting someone’s computer fixed, in getting someone’s wedding fixed, in getting someone’s train ticket confirmed, in someone’s water problem. People have given me such important jobs. Please pay attention.

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Let us tell that Sonu Sood was helping the migrants to their homes during the lockdown in the country due to Corona for a long time. However, things were not always so easy for him. Sonu shared old memories of her film journey during the shooting of the independence special episode of ‘India’s Best Dancer’ show.

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Recalling his days of struggle, Sonu said, “I am an engineer and when I went back to my family after my graduation, I thought I would do a family business there, but I always wanted to come to Mumbai Initially I thought that my parents would stop me from going to Mumbai, because I am their only son, but my mother asked me to achieve my dreams.

He added, “I still remember when I first came to Mumbai, I had Rs 5,500 which I had saved. I went to Film City after spending Rs 400, but I was stopped at the gate. I think That if I roam around in Film City, some director or a producer will see me and add me to his project, but that never happened. It is only because of my parents’ blessing that I am here. “

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