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Understand in figures how the game of Petrol and Diesel becomes three times more expensive than the base price


new Delhi. Petrol price in Delhi is selling at Rs 80.43 a liter for the last one month, while its base price (Petrol Base Price) is less than Rs 25 a liter. Diesel became costlier than petrol in the National Capital Region during the Corona era, but now the price of diesel (Diesel Price in Delhi) has come down to 73.56 rupees liter. After the Delhi government cut VAT on diesel (Vat on Diesel Price) on Friday, the price of diesel fell from Rs 81.94 a liter to Rs 73.56 a liter and there has been no reshuffle since then. However, Diesel also has a base price of Rs 28.02 a liter. Now the question is how the price of petrol of 25 rupees and diesel of 28 rupees increases by more than three. Let us also tell you.

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There are many types of tax
In fact, in the prices of petrol and diesel, they are taxed more than the sum of the freight and dealer commission at the base price, due to which they are getting at a higher price. This is different for different states. The buildup price of Delhi has been given on the IOCL website. That is, to understand the game of petrol and diesel price in the whole country, we have to base the buildup price of Delhi.

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How petrol is more expensive than three times
According to the buildup price of petrol updated on August 1 on IndianOil’s website
– The base price of petrol is Rs 24.85 per liter.
– After paying the freight at the rate of 36 paise per liter, the petrol pump is available to the dealer after the price is Rs 25.21 per liter.
– Excise duty is charged at Rs 32.98 per liter.
– Now the dealer’s average commission of Rs 3.68 is also added.
– Now VAT is charged at Rs 18.56 a liter.
– After which the selling price of petrol in Delhi becomes Rs 80.43 a liter.

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How is diesel worth 28 rupees fast
According to the buildup price of diesel updated on August 1 on IndianOil’s website
– The base price of diesel is Rs 28.02 per liter.
– On which freight at the rate of 33 paise per liter is also added to it.
– At the rate of Rs 28.35 a liter is available to the diesel dealer.
– Excise duty of Rs 31.83 per liter is levied.
– Average commission of dealer is 2.58 rupees liter is also added.
After applying VAT of Rs 10.80 a liter, the price of diesel becomes Rs 73.56.

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Heavy tax on petrol and diesel
Petrol price in Delhi is Rs 51.54 per liter for Rs 80.43 per liter while diesel is priced at Rs 73.56 per liter and Rs 42.63 per liter. Explain that on 30 July, the Delhi government decided to reduce VAT on diesel from 30% to 16.75%. The central government levies excise duty on petrol and diesel which is applicable in every state, while VAT is levied by the state government which is different in different states.

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Petrol and diesel prices
According to the website of IndianOil, diesel prices in Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai were recorded at Rs 73.56, Rs 77.06, Rs 80.11 and Rs 78.86 per liter respectively on Sunday. Petrol prices in the four metros remain at Rs 80.43, Rs 82.05, Rs 87.19 and Rs 83.63 per liter respectively.


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