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Tron Becomes the Fastest Growing DApp Blockchain


Ethereum the leading blockchain with the highest number of decentralized applications is now getting competition from Tron. TRON has surpassed Ethereum in terms of total number of DApp users. TRON was launched as the foundation for a decentralized entertainment ecosystem is evolving rapidly and has created around 200 decentralized applications(DApps)) and has become one of the major competitors.

Justin Sun is the founder and CEO of the TRON Foundation. He has also been nominated for the Nobel Economic Prize. He officially represented Ripple before he founded TRON. TRON is currently ranking 12th in terms of market cap with other cryptocurrencies and currently has the most number of DApps.

Among the total transactions that took place, a large number of transactions were responsible for gaming and gambling apps.

The TRON foundation also recently tweeted:
“According to @dapp_review, as of May 27, new #Dapps on #TRON #Blockchain accounts for 31.4%, which is the fastest growing one compared with new #Dapps of other chains in last week. #TRX $TRX”.

The CEO also has tweeted, “Something huge and amazing going about #TRON and #BitTorrent. I will share with you after June 1. I think I have 70% to win and nail it. Fingers crossed! $TRX $BTT”

The user base for TRON has also increased considerably. It has more than 300,000 active users according to the report published by the DApp.com. The users of TRON is also increasing day by day. The investors in TRON are happy and now have a reason to celebrate. While the whole cryptocurrency market is bullish and is experiencing the rise in the price of coins and TRON is also showing significant outcomes. DApp user growth is increasing day by day, which is a positive result for the DApps.

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