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Rahul RathoreFebruary 1, 2017


Finance Minister Arun Jaitley to present the Union Budget 2017-18. Soon after the news of the demise of E Ahmad Member of Parliament, the Parliament has been in speculation that the budget will be averted, but Arun Jaitley tweeted and made the formal announcement that the budget will be presented today.

For the first time, Railway and Finance Budget will be present together. Since 1924 the Budget is presented on the last day of February. If the budget is presented today, then it will be the first budget that the budget is to be submitted on the first of February.

Five states in which the elections will be held have many expectations from the budget is which will be presented today. After demonetization, the ordinary people has huge expectations from the budget. According to the sources, the government may make the changes in income tax slabs for the middle-class income category. The chances are that the current income tax exemption limit from Rs 2.5 lakh to Rs three lakh can be increased.

Expectation from the Budget

  • Expected to increase the income tax exemption limit
  • The exemption limit on home loans are expected to grow
  • Discounts on Digital transactions expected
  • Because of GST service tax is expected to increase around 16-18%
  • Delhi-Howrah, Delhi-Mumbai route may have high-speed train
  • The Fund expects to increase the safety of passengers separately.

GoodTime NationJanuary 30, 2016


When a consignment of six metro coaches built in Baroda was shipped from Mumbai on Friday, it created history in the country’s manufacturing sector.

The metro coaches, built for the Australian government, was the first of its kind India has ever exported. The coaches, which measure 75 feet in length and weigh 46 tonnes each, were loaded in house by the Mumbai Port Trust. Over the next two-and-a-half years, a total of 450 ‘Made in India’ metro coaches will be exported to Australia.

This is also the first of its kind export India is doing ever since the launch of ‘Make in India’, which aims at turning the country into a global manufacturing destination.

Earlier this month, French company Alstom Transport had delivered its first batch of ‘Made in India’ coaches to Kochi Metro.

Anupreet KaurSeptember 13, 2015


For the first time, Indian Railways is all set to launch the trail run of vacuum toilets from Monday. The vacuum toilet has been installed in the Dibrugarh Rajdhani train in the first AC compartment. Indian Railways has taken the initiative to fit such environment-friendly toilets in the trains and platforms as it consumes minimum water, is easy to maintain, has no untidy mess, no stinking smell and is easy to clean.

Nearly Rs 300,000 has been spent to set up this toilet which also has a bio-digestive system. The railway authority plans to fit a vacuum toilet at the New Delhi railway station. As per the project, the railway authorities intend to fit around 80 vacuum toilets in the Shatabdi Express. A tender of Rs 25 crore was announced to fit such environment-friendly toilets. According to the officials, companies from Germany, USA, Denmark and Spain have shown a keen interest in the tender.

Vacuum toilets are the ones that use suction to eliminate the waste with minimum usage of water. Till now, such toilets have been installed only in aircrafts. If used efficiently, vacuum toilets can be quite beneficial for the railways. Currently, many passengers, especially women travelers, avoid travelling in trains due to poor maintenance of toilets. Use of flush is minimal as in some of the trains it does not work or people avoid its use. The stinking smell from the toilets is intolerable.

Besides, there is no dustbin in the toilets of many trains and this makes people throw waste on the tracks. It is mandatory to educate the travelers about the necessity of using flush and maintaining the toilet to sustain hygiene. Besides, vacuum toilets will prevent waste on the railway tracks leading to cleanliness and easy maintenance.

Shahrukh AhmedAugust 6, 2015


Almost a year and a half after the infamous flight MH 370 went missing, Prime Minister of Malaysia Najib Rajak informed the world that a wreckage of the flight has been found at the Reunion Islands near Madagascar. The news comes as a minor solace to the families of the victims who were often left to mere speculations regarding the fate of the flight.

A flaperon from the aircraft that washed up at the island will be sent to BAE, a French civil aviation investigation agency. The Australians, French and Americans are hesitant to fully confirm the identity of the wreckage though commenting that it is highly likely the wreckage belongs to flight MH370.

Flight MH 370 went missing on March 8th of last year while flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. The flight was believed to have flown two hours on auto-pilot after disappearing from the radar screens half an hour into its flight. The mystery around its disappearance has perplexed authorities worldwide. With lack of answers from the Malaysian government the investigation has often been marred by angry protests from the family member of the lost ones over the slow proceeding with the investigation. Many Chinese families still hope their family members on board the fateful flight are still alive.

Tony Abbott has vowed to continue the search for more answers “We owe it to the families of the people lost on that plane to try to solve the mystery, we owe it to the travelling public who obviously want to be confident of their safety in the air,”

The found debris will be investigated  for further answers of why the plane crashed which could help pin point the crash site; with a new hope at a possibility of finding the black box which might bring news that might finally bring closure to the many sorrowful families.

GoodTime NationJuly 15, 2015


Caught a travel bug? Have a far distance friend’s wedding to attend to? Or planning to cross the ladakkh trip off your bucket list. Spice Jet’s “Red Hot Spicy” offer is music to traveller’s ears. Spice Jet have announced a sale on 1 lakh seats that will priced at Re1 excluding taxes and fees.The offer is valid only for three days with the bookings starting today. Under the offer the customers can book domestic flights starting from July 15 to March 31 of next year.

However, there are a few conditions to the deal. All bookings have to be done via the new Spicejet Mobile app.  The app is available for download from the Google playstore and the Apple i-store. The company is using the offer to promote the mobile app extensively amongs its customers. Another catch includes mandatory purchase of the return ticket at regular airfare prices. Only two return tickets can be booked under this deal. Tickets once bought will not be refunded. The Re.1 travel offer last year was a huge success for Spice Jet. The innovative approaches to pricing contributed to huge market growth with millions of happy customer and benefitting the airline economy at large.

Spicejet, India’s second largest airline with 12% market share currently operates over 270 flights over 40 destinations everyday. Spicejet brought in a similar offer last year that prompted a succesful turnaround for the airline. Airlines are becoming increasingly popular in India vowing to the rising income and increase in standard of living. The airline industry in India carried 82 million passengers last year and is seeing steady increase in passengers year on year. Promotinal schemes like the “Red Hot Spicy” offer are vital for SpiceJet to conquer market share in a highly competitive airline industry and a stategic approach to dent Indigo airlines dominance in the long run.

Manasi SinghJuly 8, 2015


For those who are traveling by rail, Indian Railways is coming soon with new surprise. According to a business daily reports Indian railway is preparing to sell Rail Neer water bottle at Rs.5 per litre only. To give this benefit for Rail passengers, Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) is planning to set up 5,000 water vending machines across the country in 1,200 railway stations.

Opportunity for companies such as Eureka and Kent 
This move of Railway will be new opportunities for water vending firms in the country, such as ion exchange, Eureka Forbes and Kent RO. Also, passengers will get safe drinking water at cheaper rates during the travel.
Panel of 21 vendors is ready
IRCTC chairman and director AK Manocha told the business daily that 21 vendors to provide water at cheap rates has been empaneled. All companies will be providing cold water for passengers at railway stations. Under the scheme, all major railway stations in the country will have 2-2 water vending machine installed on every platform. Based on the volume of passengers safe drinking water will be available from these machine on spending Rs 1 to Rs 5.
Rail Neer at Five, three and one rupee
As planned 1 liter water bottle will be sold at Rs.5 while half-liter bottles will be sold in Rs 3. In addition at Rs 1-2, sealed glasses filled with water will be provided to passengers.

Manasi SinghJune 14, 2015


Indian Railway has decided to separate the Tatkal booking time of sleeper and AC class quota in order to reduce the congestion while booking tickets at reservation centers. From June 15, onwards Tatkal tickets for AC class can be booked at 10am while sleeper class at 11am.

E-ticket issuing authorized agent, RTS and STBS class ticket agents can book the ticket only after 30 minutes of the opening of the general or tatkal reservation.

Changes are done so that at the same time for all categories of passengers can book their ticket & with the intention being to reduce congestion. It will be easier for those people booking in AC and non-AC.

Brokers will curbed by this way. Railway board have also told the Centre for Railway Information System (CRIS) to update the software. Inorder to curb brokers – Railway has arranged a system in which authorized agents who books e-tickets will only be allowed to book after 30 minutes.

Now this people(brokers) will only be able book at 8:30am on the opening day instead of 8:00am. While Tatkal AC sleeper class at 10:30 and 11:30 am for Sleeper Class tatkal ticket.

Difficulty to be faced. While the previous system allowed you to book the ticket in other class at the same time if the ticket were not available in preferred class. Now you would have to decide in which one you have to book your tickets in advance. i.e previously of the tickets in sleeper class got full/not available you still had option to book in AC at the same time. But now the AC ticket have to be booked at 10am and suppose if they are full you will be left with only option Sleeper Class.

GoodTime NationJune 9, 2015


“Pull the chain to stop the train.” Indian Railways chronically wrote these lines will soon be history. Railways will soon get rid of these chains. According to an official from pulling the chain attached to the railway delays on the railways has been a loss of nearly three thousand million.

Bareilly Izatnagar pigeonhole rail is going to work to remove these chains. Railway officials said emergency situation soon will be an option, such as the driver’s mobile number. North Eastern Railway’s public relations officer Rajendra Singh says, “become the new coaches will not chain the emergency. We have begun work to remove the chains from the old coach’s. ”

He said that we spray every three coaches are a number of drivers in a passenger as emergencies can contact him. Izatnagar his recent tour of the Railway Minister said Manoj Sinha, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar in the problem of trains running late Pulling chain is largely responsible.

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