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Tomochain a solution to current blockchain scalablity problem?


Bitcoin transaction takes nearly 40 minutes to complete a successful transfer. Along with that, the transaction fee for per transfer is also very. Ethereum network which can only make 15 transactions per second making them not a feasible solution for payments. Tomochain a project that claims to solve the scalability problem with these existing blockchain.

Tomochain is an innovative solution to the scalability problem with the Ethereum blockchain. Tomochain plans to support horizontal scaling via adding more second layer blockchains with good performance integrated with Ethereum for backup and atomic cross-chain transfer. TomoCoin is the protocol token to govern and regulate Tomochain infrastructure.

The vision of the project is to be a network of chain for instant confirmation with almost zero transaction fee making it ideal for decentralised apps, token issuance and token integration. The project already has a testnet available to check their claim and a wallet app. The Tomochain app will work with Ethereum blockchain for cross chain transactions.

ICO details
The project has already raised $7 million USD in private sale and approx. only $1.5 million will be available for the public crowd sale. The project is backed by powerful advisors. The advisor includes members from The Bee Token, Qlink and WeTrust team.

Project Name: Tomocoin

Token Symbol: TMC

Website: https://tomocoin.io/

Crowdsale Hard Cap: $8.5 million

Total Supply: 100,000,000

Token Distribution: 50% crowdsale, 15% to the company, advisors and bounties, 35% to Reward Engine/Ecosystem Building program

Price per Token: 1 TMC = $0.25 USD

Maximum Market Cap (at crowdsale price): $25 million

Accepted Payments: ETH

Bonus Structure: 25% for presale

Presale Terms: Complete

Whitelist: https://tomocoin.io/saleinfo

ICO Verdict

The team has delivered in testnet, This project is good for long and short terms. Flip: Yes, this project will give better returns. Can you hold for long terms? If the team delivers as said. This will be the top 100 cryptocurrency list.

Note: Investing in ICO are subject to very high risk. We don’t advise you to participate in any ICO based on our analysis. We only update our reader about the latest project. Investment is subject to user decision. We recommend user to do deep research before investing

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