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TikTok’s entry secret in India hidden in Microsoft Bytedance Deal, know what is the whole matter


new Delhi. There is big news for TikTok Active Users India, about 200 million active users of the country. If Microsoft (Microsoft) is planned and deals with ByteDance (Bytedance Microsoft Deal), then TicketLock’s Indian ban can be removed. That is, once again the doors of India will open for Tittock. In fact, Microsoft is now eyeing the global operations of TickTalk. Which also includes the name of India. The special thing is that Microsoft is not in the mood to leave the 200 million users of the country at all. In such a situation, the negotiations between Microsoft Bytedance Deal are very important.

Microsoft’s eyes on Indian users
According to foreign media reports, Microsoft’s eyes are now on Indian users. Tittock has more than 200 million active users in India. Also, Ticketcock has a business value of about $ 10 billion. Which Microsoft will not have any trouble in buying. Let us tell you that on Sunday, a statement was issued by Microsoft that they are talking with the US about buying operations in Canada, New Zealand and Australia with ByteDance. In such a situation, the name of India is quite interesting.

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Microsoft wants to buy global business
According to foreign media reports, China does not have a ticket. Here a second app has been created by ByteDance. In which Microsoft is not interested. But the emphasis is on buying all the operations of Tittock. For this, continuous negotiations are going on from ByteDance. If this happens, the reputation of being Chinese will be removed from Tittock. After which the ban will also be removed from the countries where Tiketok is banned.

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Mathematics of Tittock in India
– According to the sensor tower data has been downloaded 650 million times in India.
200 million (200 million) are registered users.
– The company had a revenue of Rs 100 crore in FY 2019.
– The first quarter of FY 2020 (before the ban) was about 8% of Tiktok’s growth rate.
– After the ban of Tittock, Global Times made a loss of 45 thousand crore rupees in India.


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