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Tiktok will pay $ 92 million in a breach of privacy case, was also punished two years ago


San Francisco. Chinese short-video making app TickTalk has agreed to pay $ 92 million to settle a lawsuit filed in the United States over privacy violations. According to foreign media reports, the lawsuit has claimed that TikTok collects ‘highly sensitive personal data’ to track users and used them to broadcast their useful or useful advertisements. goes.

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Tiktok will pay penalty
This report released on Thursday, quoting a spokesperson for Ticktock, said that we do not agree with the allegations that have been leveled against us, but instead of resorting to a lengthy legal process, we are giving Ticketock community a safe and happy Want to focus your efforts on creating an experience. In 2019, TickTock settled a case of alleged violation of children’s privacy by paying $ 1.1 million.

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Ticktock time is not good
Ticketcock has not had a good time for some time now. He has suffered a lot since the ban on Ticketcock in the United States. In the meantime, TicketTalk was also banned in India. Microsoft’s name was also revealed in Tittock’s US operations.

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