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TikTok Deal: China won’t let Microsoft buy Tick-Tock, threatens action against US


new Delhi: There is uproar all over the world that the deal between Microsoft and Tik-tok can be announced at any time. Satya Nadella is said to be a game changer and change of equations after this deal. But on Tuesday, China Daily announced its absence in its editorial. The editorial reads that China will never allow this to happen and that the US government can take action against Washington if it is forced to do so (to sell Ticketock).

So that’s where US President Donald Trump (American President Donald trump ) Has also set a deadline for Ticketcock. Trump says that if the tick choke is not sold by September 15, it will be banned in the US. So far, 5-7 countries of the world, where tick talk is most used, have been banned. Because of which Ticketock is in trouble.

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Ever since Trump’s suggestion, Microsoft has started showing interest in the matter. But data privacy and China’s ownership structure did not address America’s concerns. In such a situation, there will be a lot of pressure on Microsoft for data security. If Tick Talk’s operation falls into the hands of a reliable, publicly listed US company, it could solve the data transparency issue.

It is said that after the purchase of Microsoft, the data of American citizens abroad (AMAERICAN CITIZEN) will be removed from the server. Apart from this, Microsoft will have to assure the US administration (US ADMINSTRATION) about all the private data of the American users before the deal is safely transferred and kept safe.


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