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This company of Ratan Tata showed generosity, is getting accolades across the country


New Delhi. The Tata group is not simply called a big group. The larger his share in the country’s progress, the bigger his heart is. Therefore, he also takes big and important decisions keeping in mind the interests of his employees. For which the group is not only in India but in the whole world. Under the Tata group, Tata Steel has taken a big decision for its employees and their families. Let us also tell you what kind of announcement has been made by Tata Steel.

Big announcement of tata steel
Tata Steel announced for its employees and their families that if an employee dies due to corona, then their dependents will continue to pay full salary till the age of 60 years of retirement of the deceased employee. At the same time, the education of the children of the employee will also be arranged by the company. Medical and housing facilities will also continue to be provided to such families.

Graduation expenses
According to a statement issued by Tata Steel Management, if an employee dies due to corona, then Tata Steel will continue to pay full wages to their dependents for 60 years. Also, on the death of all frontline workers while on duty, the entire cost of their children’s education up to graduation in India will be borne by the company itself. Let us tell you that after the death of central government employees, their dependents get facilities like good money and pension, but private sector employees did not get anything special. In the era of Corona crisis, especially the big private companies have taken good initiative by showing generosity.


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