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This company made a special recognition in electronic accessories among Chinese Boycott


new Delhi. In the era of Corona, where the import in India decreased significantly, on the other hand, after the Chinese Boycott, the trust of the people of the country has also decreased from the Chinese electronic accessories. Now the people of the country are getting more influenced by Make India Products. Also, some such companies have come to India, which are competing with outside accessories at lower prices. The company named Truke, which came into existence about a year ago, is a recent example of this, which in a few months has made its special identity among the Corona era. patrika.com has also held special talks with the company’s CEO and MD Pankaj Upadhyay. Let us also tell you what he said…

Question: Truke is a very new player in the personal audio segment. How are you positioning it in India, at a time when there is already a big competitive market. Many brands doing business with their limited prices?

answer: Truke was formed in December of 2019 and has since made a definite place in the Indian sound-wear segment. Mobile accessories is an unorganized sector with a huge difference in margin cost between reputed brands and nominal brands. We want to make our place by offering the same quality and experience as the high quality brands, even in low prices. Our brand Philosophy delivers the most low-tech and innovative products at remarkably low prices. All our designs follow the same guideline, which is impeccable quality and rich products at unbeatable prices.

Question: You have very limited products to offer. How has the response been so far and what is your product-expansion plan to make Truke bigger?

answer: After activating its operations in December 2019, we have launched five unique models consisting of 2 TWS (True Wire Stereo) and 3 neckbands. We managed to sell over 30,000 units until the Covid-19 epidemic occurred, which halted our operations for some time. Then as the situation slowly improved, we saw our second product launch in July, where we unveiled a new TWS model Truke Fit Pro which has so far locked up over 7000 units. In the future we plan to launch 10 more models making 7 TWS and 3 neckbands and wish to venture into the mobile accessories segment offering world class USM cables, chargers and wired earphones at amazing prices . We are envisioning incorporating advanced technologies such as AI and noise-cancellation into our devices in the distant future


Question: Which area are you targeting? Which people do you consider to be your potential buyers?

answer: We are mainly targeting customers in the age group of 14-45. Those looking for high-performance feature-rich products that compete with the best names in terms of quality and yet their price is quite low. We want to further expand operations in the western, southern and northern regions of the country so that we can have a presence at the pan-India level. Our potential customers are people who understand True Sound and are technically proficient.

Question: What is your perspective about the after sales service that remains an important question for electronics companies?

answer: All our products come with a one-year warranty on the condition that the customer must register online on our social media channels or via e-mail within ten days after purchase. Any discrepancies in product performance are made by our service team personnel, who duly come in to repair or replace after the customer signs up online. Although we do not currently have any physical service centers, we are in the process of opening about 50–100 service centers in the near future, based on our sales projection.

Question: What are your outreach and investment plans and which platforms are you going to explore more – online or offline?

answer: We are currently focusing exclusively on online outreach through effective social media and strategic PR campaigns. On the investment front, we are following PM Narendra Modi’s pioneering vision of self-reliant India. We are also looking at collaborating with various manufacturers by September 2020 and starting production of different sets of products for offline channels by December 2020 depending on the market outlook. While so far, we only exist through online channels such as Amazon, we plan to shift 40 per cent of our sales to offline channels by September this year. We are currently active in countries like Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia besides India.


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