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Things have started improving, the FMCG sector saw a boom in the month of June


new Delhi : After a long time, the situation in the FMCG sector seems to be changing with the fast moving consumer goods industry seeing a significant increase in demand in the month of June, according to Nielsen. South Asia Head Prasoon Basu. Basu says that the list of 98 things includes coronavirus ( coronavirus ) Before demand was seen. Talking about the increase in demand in the FMCG sector, he said that both rural and urban areas are seeing good growth, but the increase in demand in rural areas is more than in urban areas, the growth in non-food category in rural areas is 1 plus Apart from the point, beauty, health, hygiene are also giving good performance.

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Talking about this, he said that the FMCG sector was witnessing a decrease in demand for the last one and a half years, first due to slackening in demand and then after the coronavirus epidemic (Corona Pandemic). The ongoing lockdown broke the back of the industry, but as of now, Aspect is performing better in everyday items due to the demand for essential products like hygiene related products, flour dal rice cheese.

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Talking to consumers, the consumer is still struggling with the problem of mental and physical health due to the cut in the salary of the startup, and because of this, the consumers have changed their private, currently people are healthy food home hygiene medical fitness education and Is giving priority to things like home entertainment. It is seen with this that consumers are still afraid of things like Dineout as well as are avoiding going to any such place. Where there can be congestion and this is why people are moving towards online shopping mostly. Nielsen says that in his survey, online shopping has increased by about 20%.


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