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There is a savings account in the post office, so you have to keep at least this much balance, otherwise you can cut 100 rupees daily!


new Delhi. The Indian Post Office has made a major change in the rules of Savings Account from 12 December. If your savings account is also in the post office, then definitely know this. Otherwise you may have to bear a loss of 100 rupees daily. Actually, the Post Office has ensured that there should be at least 500 rupees in any saving account. If there is less than 500 rupees in any account, then a huge fine will be applied.

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At least a balance of Rs 500 in the savings account
According to the changes made in the savings accounts of the post office, the savings account should have a balance of at least 500 rupees. If the amount is less than this, the account holders will have to pay a hefty fine every day. India Post has given information by tweeting about the change in the rules from December 12.

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100 rupees will be deducted daily
If there will be less than Rs 500 in the savings account of the post office, then Rs 100 will be deducted daily. That is, in any case you will have to keep 500 rupees in your account.

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Account will be closed after balance is reduced
Accounts will be closed if the money is not kept in the account. After this rule implemented from December 11, if you want your account not to be closed, then keep a balance of at least Rs 500 in your account.

4% interest is available on savings account
According to the official post of the Indian Post, the annual interest rate on the post office savings account is 4 percent. Interest is calculated based on the minimum amount left between the 10th of the month and the end of the month. Customers can open it from any nearest post office as per their convenience.

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Who can open a savings account
Savings Account Any single adult person or joint account can also be opened in the post office. If someone is a minor, his / her guardian can open an account in his / her name. In this, an account can be opened by a minor above 10 years. A person can open only one account in it. Nominee is required at the time of opening a post office savings account.

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