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The user said, preparations are being made to make your idol, so Sonu Sood said – Brother help the poor with that money


The entire country is troubled by the Corona virus. The virus has resulted in a lockdown in the country and this has greatly affected the lives of daily wage laborers. Some workers are stuck away from home. However, Sonu Sood has come forward to help these laborers. They have brought many laborers to their homes so far. Sonu is getting much praise on social media.

People are asking for help from Sonu by tweeting and he is helping them by asking for their details. Now recently, a person praised Sonu and tweeted that preparations are being made to build his idol in Siwan district of Bihar.

Responding to that person, Sonu wrote, Brother, to help a poor person with that money.

Sonu is praising him on this tweet. Let us know that Sonu himself is going to send all the workers on the bus and send them off. They also provide things for them to eat so that they do not go hungry in the journey.

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During an interview recently, Sonu said, it is my duty to help the migrant laborers who are the heartbeat of our country. We see how the laborers are leaving for their homes with their families and children on foot. We can’t just tweet sitting in AC. We have to help them. I am working to help them from morning till evening. Words cannot express the satisfaction I get by helping them.

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