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The second wave of Kovid also took away millions of jobs in the country, more than 75 lakh people became unemployed


CMIE figures, more than 75 lakh people lost their jobs in the second wave. (Symbolic picture)


Kovid-19 Epidemic More than 7.5 million people from the ‘lockdown’ and other restrictions imposed at the local level for the second wave and prevention of this Lost jobs is. With this, the unemployment rate has reached a four-month high of 8 percent. The Center for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE) said this on Monday.

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CMIE Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mahesh Vyas said that the situation is expected to remain challenging on the employment front in the coming time. He said, ‘We lost 75 lakh jobs in the month of April compared to March. Due to this the unemployment rate has increased.

According to the Central Government figures, the national unemployment rate has reached 7.97 percent. In urban areas, the unemployment rate is 9.13 percent while in rural areas it is 7.13 percent. Earlier, the national unemployment rate in March was 6.50 percent and this rate was relatively low both in rural and urban areas.

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As the Kovid-19 epidemic has escalated, many states have imposed other restrictions, including ‘lockdown’. This adversely affected the economic activities and consequently jobs have been affected.

Vyas said, ‘I do not know when the Kovid-epidemic will reach its peak, but the pressure on the employment route can definitely be seen.’ However, he said that at present, the situation is not as bad as was previously seen in ‘Lockdown’. At that time the unemployment rate had reached 24 percent.

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