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The price of gold and silver has increased substantially since December, know how expensive it is


new Delhi. Even if not only India is improving the global economy, constantly getting updates about the vaccine, the economic data is coming better than before, on the other hand, the price of gold and silver is going to increase significantly as soon as December starts. Has received On the local futures market Multi Commodity Exchange, gold has seen an increase of more than Rs 1600 per ten gram.

While the price of silver has increased by about Rs 5000 per kg. Gold is also trading in foreign markets. According to experts, there are many reasons for the increase in the price of gold and silver, including new cases of corona, and the trend of investing in gold and silver when the prices of investors decrease.

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Rise in the price of gold
In the month of December, the price of gold has seen an increasing atmosphere. On November 30, gold reached a low of Rs 47,551 per ten grams. After which it saw a steady increase and on December 4, gold reached Rs 49,172 per ten grams. That is, on the trading day of December, the price of gold has increased by Rs 1621 per ten grams. The special thing is that on Friday, the price of gold fell by Rs 93 per ten grams.

Silver price rise
On the other hand, when we talk about the price of silver, inflation of about 5000 rupees has been seen in the month of December. On November 30, the price of silver was at a low of Rs 58,880 per kg. After which it got increased. Silver prices closed at Rs 63,813 per kg on 4 December. That is, during this period, the price of silver was increased to Rs 4933 per kg. Let us tell you that on Friday, the price of silver was Rs 218 per ten grams.

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