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The company will pay penalty on death due to road accident, central government enacted new law


new Delhi. In today’s time, the highest number of deaths in the country is heard more due to road accident. And such accidents mostly occur on the National Highway. In view of the road accidents happening now, the Central Government has enacted an important law to ensure road safety. Under which, now the company making the road will be held guilty of the death of someone in a road accident. Along with this, a fine of up to Rs 1 lakh will be charged on the contractor who builds the road.

The engineer, consultant responsible in the road accident will have to go through legal action. Let us tell you that it has been provided in section 198-A of the Motor Vehicles Amendment Act 2020. However, this rule is currently for the National Highway.

Apart from this, another rule has been taken strictly so that those who come forward to help during a road accident should not be disturbed in any way. For this, the government has made rules for the protection of ‘noble man’. Due to its rule, the police can no longer pressurize such people. The government has added a new section 134 (a) to the Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act-2019. This section provides protection to the ‘noble man’ who comes forward to help the victims during road accidents.

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has said that such people should be treated with respect, who come forward to help during a road accident. There should be no discrimination with them on religion, caste or nationality. In his statement he has said that, “No police officer can put any pressure on a facilitator to share his identity, address or other personal information. If a person wishes to do so, he can give information. “

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