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The budget of the common man spoiled due to inflation in Corona


New Delhi . In the midst of the Corona crisis, people are also suffering from inflation. The prices of essential food items are skyrocketing. Although the government is making continuous efforts to rein in the price, yet there is not much relief in the price. The price rise of essential food items like pulses, oil and tea leaves has made it difficult for the lower and middle class people to run a household.

According to the Department of Consumer Affairs, the price of masoor dal is Rs 82 per kg in May. In May last year, it was Rs 70 a kg. The price of chana dal is Rs 78 per kg in May as compared to Rs 68 per kg last year. Toor dal is priced at Rs 107, as against Rs 92 a kg last year. The price of urad dal is Rs 103, which was Rs 94 last year. The price of pulses is up by 10-20 per cent on a yearly basis.

Up to 50% rise in the price of oil-
Talking about oil, the price of vegetable oil is Rs 124 per kg in May, which was Rs 82 in May last year. The price of soybean oil is now Rs 142, which was Rs 97 last year. The price of groundnut oil is Rs 173 as against Rs 143 last year. There has been a jump of up to 50 percent in the price of edible oil.

Onion price increased three times: Maharashtra is the largest producer of onion. Onion prices are increasing continuously in Nashik Mandi. In the last week of May, onion is being sold at the level of Rs 2000 quintal in Nashik Mandi. Whereas in May last year, it was selling at Rs 600-700 per quintal level.

messed up kitchen math
There is a rise in the price of pulses by 10 to 20%
There has been a jump of up to 50% in edible oil
There has been a rise in the price of Webrage by up to 40%
There has been an increase of close to 8% so far in milk
Price of tea increased to 300 per kg
2000 quintals of onion is being sold

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