Telangana and Karnataka are the only states with complete GST enrollment


New Delhi: With less than a week left for GST implementation across the nation. Individual and companies in most of the states are yet to complete the enrollment process for the GST. The government have given 3 months time for existing taxpayers to enrol under GST, while the new business resignation will be made under GST only.

As per the data on GST site, Karnataka and Telangana are the states where the GST enrollment is 100% complete. While Assam, Punjab, Rajasthan and Kerala will touch the 100% status very soon.

Gujarat where the clothing industry is angry over the new tax slab of 5% percent. Cloth markets in Gujarat today observed bandh against the Centre’s proposed 5 per cent levy on these two items under the new tax regime. Cloth market across the cities in Gujarat remained shut demanding to roll back of GST imposed on yarn and fabric.

New registration of GST is now available on If you have enrolled but had some issues to complete the process can now re-apply with proper validation.

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