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Dipali ThakkarOctober 23, 2017


WhatsApp: To give better connectivity to billion of users, WhatsApp may soon add a new feature. In the latest beta version of iPhone, there are reports of WhatsApp’s Group Voice Call Testing. In addition, the Whatsapp’s group video calling feature in Instant Messaging Service WhatsApp has also been revealed.

According to WABetaInfo, information about the feature group calls coming to WhatsApp is found in the Whatsapp iPhone latest beta version 2.17.70.

WABetaInfo tweeted on Sunday, “2.17.70 Information about group calls in IOS updates is available through code. Previously there was news about this feature but now it has been confirmed. “Further said,” There is a lot of information available about the group voice call, but only about one code from the group video call can be found. That’s why the group video call is not yet fully confirmed. ”

Earlier it was reported that the Facebook-owned messaging app is working on the group voice and it can be released next year. This feature is already available on Facebook’s Messenger.

WABetaInfo tweeted, The 2.17.70 iOS update has very hidden references to group calls! Before it was an internal news, now it’s all confirmed. For example, WhatsApp 2.17.70 sends a request to the server to ask if the user you are calling is in another group call!

The WhatsApp watcher also reports Granted that soon the group admin will get more power in the iPhone app and he will be able to remove many group members from the group once in a while.

Apart from this, according to WABetaInfo, the Messaging app is also sending the message to everyone and is also testing the feature to delete.

GoodTime NationAugust 10, 2017


Messaging platform Sarahah App is becoming increasingly popular. There is a flood of messages on the Facebook news feed in which people are talking about each other.

Since the identity of the sender is anonymous, and so the senders are capable of sending all kind of message. But there are many potential dangers as well for using this Sarahah App.

Some basic things about this website and app that you should know about. Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq, a Saudi Arabian developer, has made it. But this domain has been registered in the US.

According to website details, the one who has registered it is also the US. But is also depends on the domain. However, this question definitely stands on the authenticity of this website. This website is registered by a company of Denver Colorado. This is the web hosting company like Go Daddy.

  • Developers can share your details if they wish. Because this app is not from a company that you can trust.
  • You have to give your email ID to register in this. Hackers can trace you through cookies, email IDs, IP addresses, and browser cookies.
  • This app has announced that some other features may come in the future.
  • Hackers can hack the details and demand a ransom from the users. Ransom, because users are sending messages to anyone, they have their friends and they are throwing out a lot. If it comes to identifying the identity, surely they will have trouble. Therefore, it can also work as a soft target for hackers.
  • Your information can be sold on the Dark Web. Hackers or the developer of this website can make huge money by selling your information to the dark web.
  • Your email ID and meta data can be sold to an advertising company. Not only that, hackers can track your pattern and can also break into your second account.
  • It is also possible that the developer may launch a feature that identifies your profile as the next feature.
  • Currently, there is no option to reply to this app, but this option can be added in the coming time.

What is this app and how does it work?
First of all, the user has to register on his website or app. The user must provide an email id for this. After registering, it has a link to post on Facebook. In addition to Facebook, it has the option of posting on other social networks like Twitter and Snapchat.

You can publicize this link or send it to someone via private message. Anyone can send you a message by clicking on this link. But you will not see the name of the person sent. That is, anybody can write whatever they want and make their point.

This app can be downloaded from the App Store or Play Store. As soon as someone sends you a message through the link, you will get a notification in your app and you can read the message here.

According to the information given in the Sarahah App, you can get honest feedback with your colleagues or your friends. However, the messages received through this app can not be replied.

GoodTime NationJune 22, 2017


OnePlus brings 5th Generation smartphone OnePlus 5. This smartphone comes in 2 variants – RAM and internal storage capacities of 6 GB / 64 GB and 8 GB / 128GB (respectively) and will be available in India for Rs 32,999 and Rs 37,999, respectively.

This is the first smartphone of the company with the dual camera set-up. OnePlus 5 is the thinnest phone of the company so far. Is OnePlus 5 the best option to Buy? Here we are giving you 5-5 reasons why not to buy or buy it

1. Do not Buy – Copied Design

Since its design teaser was launched, people are making comments saying its a copy of Apple iPhone 7. Some have even termed it as ‘true copy’ of I-7. Even microphones and LED flash placements are being said as same as in iPhone 7.

2. Do not Buy  – The display is same: Display Like OnePlus 3T 

It is being complained that the company has given the previous phone, OnePlus 3T display in OnePlus 5. There are some objections to the people for using the same 5.5-inch screen size and full HD display. However, the QHD display given in it can remove some of these complaints to some extent, But the phone comes with same resolution will not be able to attract 3T users.

3. Do not Buy – Same Front Facing Camera

OnePlus 5 has a 16 MP front camera like 3T. This camera is powered by Sony IMX371 sensor, which offers image stabilisation and f / 2.0 aperture.

4. Do not Buy – Low Power Batteries, Not Even Wireless Charging

OnePlus 5 comes with 3300 mAh battery, which is 100 mAh less than of 3T battery. Why do such a difference despite being a flagship killer? Wireless charging has not been given on this too.

5. Do not Buy – Water Resistance

3 T, 3 and now 5 – There is no OnePlus smartphone with water resistance. Nowadays this feature is being offered in several phones of mid-range, which the users will miss in OnePlus.

OnePlus 5 Price


1. Buy – Fastest Processor

Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor was given in OnePlus 3T, OnePlus 5 came with Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor. In this sense, it has become one of the few phones, which are coming with so many powerful processors.

2. Buy – Ample RAM

OnePlus 5 has a 6 GB base RAM, while the premium version is coming with 8GB RAM. The 6 GB RAM includes 64 GB inbuilt storage and while in 8 GB variant it has 128 GB storage capacity.

3. Buy – Slim and Compact

OnePlus is thinner than 3T. This phone with Sharper Shades looks very attractive. The phone is 7.25 mm thin comes with a fingerprint sensor in the front.

4. Buy – Dual Camera

OnePlus 5 is the company’s first phone which comes up with a dual camera set-up. It has 16 MPs and 20 MP cameras; this phone is considered superb in terms of camera.

5. Buy – Android 7.1.1 Based Oxygen OS

This phone, powered by Android 7.1.1 based OnePlus Oxygen OS version 4.5, The phone is also considered “biggie” in terms of technology. The company claims that it is lightweight and it can be updated in Android O in the same year.

Sridevi RanganathanMarch 30, 2017


In the market, Reliance Jio has waged war in the field of data. All the telecom companies are offering fantastic deals to compete. Starting From April 1st, Reliance Jio will charge users for their services. But among all these, there is big news for customers. Very soon a company is going to give data at a rate of about 17 rupees per month to its users.

Canadian based company Datawind, the mobile handset maker is planning to offer internet data plan for 200 rupees a year. For this, the company plans to invest Rs 100 crore in Indian telecom service market. The company will spend this amount first six months after getting the license. Datawind, well known for cheap smartphones and tablets, has applied for a permit to become a network service provider in India. After getting this license, the company will be able to offer data services and telnet work services. However, this company can provide its service only by partnering with any existing telecom company in India.

Also read: Airtel to invest 60,000 crore rupees for network expansion and other services

We are hoping that we should get license in a month or so. Datawind will invest Rs 100 in the first six month to launch the business with focus on data services” said Datawind president and CEO Suneet Singh Tuli.
Tuli said the company plans to offer data plans that will not cost Rs 20 per month or lesser. Jio’s Rs 300 plan is affordable for those who have been spending Rs 1,000-1,500 per month. This would be only top 300 million people. Rest of the people spends around Rs 90 a month and for them it’s not that cheap. One year of data service should not be more than Rs 200,” Tuli said.

Tuli also said the company is looking for the feasibility to provide 3G or 4G speed. While talking about the their tablet business he said Datawind currently have their tablets manufacturing units in Hyderabad and in Amritsar. The demand for tablets is not bad and is producing 11,000 tablets on a daily basis.

GoodTime NationMarch 29, 2017


Last week Google released the developer preview of its new version Android O. Which is available for app developers and device makers. At the same time, Google has released the first official video related to the new OS in which information on some of its features is provided. This video is hosted by Google’s Nasir Khan, and in it, he has told about the features of Android O.

In the video, Nasir Khan gave some points about the features of Android O. In which he told about new background limits and better battery life. Also, he has given information about new notification channels available in Android O and how they will group the notifications of apps on the basis of category. In the video, Nasir Khan also talked about new autofill features available in the new OS and told that consumers will get faster speed in filling passwords and other online forms than other versions of Android. Apart from this, he discussed multi-display support with the new Picture-in-Picture mode.

Google has already made it clear that it has no plan to launch second developer preview until mid-May. And it will not launch the final version of the new version until the third quarter of 2017.

New Features of Android O

Google has introduced auto-fill in the new Android O in a better way. In which users will not have to fill username and password repeatedly on different websites. The phone will automatically log in by using the previously submitted information. Which will get rid of the problem of forgetting the password.

At the same time, with the help of a special feature picture-in-picture mode, you can do two things together. That is, it is easy to chat even when watching a video.

Battery saver has been given to improve battery consumption in the new Android version ‘O’. In which your smartphone will automatically shut down apps that run in the background and consume batteries.

Google has given more control over notification to the user with the new notification channel framework. In this, the app can be divided into categories for notification content. In it, instead of managing all app notifications simultaneously, the consumer can set different types of notifications for an app.

In the new Android version ‘O’, consumers will get an Adaptive Launcher icon which will now be different depending on the device. This feature will have the ability to animate the icon and create a shortcut, will be available.

Shahrukh AhmedMarch 24, 2017


Samsung, the leading South Korean electronics company, has stepped into the fast growing digital payment service market in India. Samsung Electronics started its mobile payment service ‘Samsung Pay’ in India on Wednesday. Samsung Pay can be used almost everywhere, where debit or credit card is used.

With the registered card of Samsung Pay, just a tap is enough to make your payment.  At the same time, it has included the major payment service provider, PayTM and the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) of the Indian government in its app.

Chief Executive Officer of Samsung South-West Asia HK Hong said, “Our card network includes Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Axis Bank, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, SBI Card and Standard Chartered Bank. Credit Cards of Citibank India will be available on Samsung Pay soon. ”

Samsung Pay has a very secure platform. It works with three-level security. Includes the signature KNOX Platform, fingerprint authentication and tokenization.

“Samsung Pay is highly secure through the signature KNOX Platform, fingerprint authentication and tokenization. We have partnered with major banks and card networks to give our consumers the widest range of choices, and are working on bringing more and more partners on board soon,” said Asim Warsi, senior vice president, mobile business, Samsung India.

Samsung Pay is currently available in Galaxy S7 Edge, Galaxy S7, Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy A5 (2016), Galaxy A7 (2016), Galaxy A5 (2017) and Galaxy A7 (2017).

One more payment method, Are you ready to use Samsung Pay?

Madhurashree MMarch 17, 2017


Deleting files, that you need necessary to clean up space. The unwanted programs and files cover a lot of useful space in a device. So cleaning them is almost the necessity. Now, while cleaning, generally we come into a mood to delete almost everything, unless we find a significant gap between the space, before and now. While doing that, we at times delete some needful files as well. We recollect that the files were important, after removing it from the trash.

  • Formatting – While formatting the disk space, mostly in the USB devices and memory cards, data within it is lost.
  • Hard Drive Crash – Only a message will be shown in this case, and everything is gone.
  • Virus – If the system has upgraded anti-virus definition, there is the least chance of the virus attack, still at the time some of the Trojans do some miracle.

Now, what to do? There are some other instances also. Relax, there are solutions for the same. So there is no need to panic. Download and Recover deleted files with the EaseUS file recovery software.

Find easy solution, Get EaseUS software

Get the EaseUs file recovery software and recover deleted files. This is a smart tool that is going to resolve almost all the issues. Files that has been removed from the recycle bin can be reestablished within few seconds. The tool needs no expertise to be handled even. Just run it, search all the deleted files and restore the actual one that is required. So, it’s just a matter of time for everything.

What Type of Devices Can Be Recovered with EaseUs?

The tool supports almost all devices including Android smartphones and iPods. The tool can check every type of memory card chips and even USB devices. So, a single tool is what is needed – it can do multipurpose activity for all the gadget users.

What Type of Files Can Be Recovered with EaseUs?

Files and formats that are supported by the device are also endless. In fact, all the standard formats of documents, images, audios, videos and achieves even can be recovered through the little tool. In one word, it is excellent for all the gadget users, since almost everyone faces file deletion.

What You Need to Run Wizard

The device works with different types of file format too. It can perform with the same ease while operating on FAT, NTFS or even HFS+. All types of Windows OS can run the wizard with least hassle, while some windows server can also run it. So, high value and volume data can also be recovered from it. CPU to support the function must be of X86 or more. Minimum RAM requirement is 128 MB – your smartphone is having more with it. Finally, you need a 32 MB free space. So, the minimum requirement is really on the lower side. Recover 2 GB data in the free version. However, you can make it beyond all limits in the paid version starting from $69.95.



Rahul RathoreMarch 10, 2017


WhatsApp which disappointed most of its user due to its new stories feature and removal of status option seems to have listened to its user. WhatsApp Status the most loved feature which was removed after the launch of Instagram/Snapchap like Stories feature is now back again. WhatsApp has rolled out this feature for Beta testers of Android, and may soon roll this option for all the users.

Many on social media criticized the Stories feature, and according to the press report, this is considered as one of the main reason to roll out the option back. The Stories feature still available as the option while the status option is accessible on the dotted menu under settings section.

WhatsApp Status Update is Back

Also, WhatsApp has updated the text box with a new design and had added attachment option with the text box. Earlies textbox was in the square, and the attachment of media was available at the top.

WhatsApp Status Updated New text box
New text box
Attachment option in top and Old Text Box
Attachment option in top and Old Text Box

Video calling option is also readily available than before. Earlier voice and video calling were available under call logo. Now both the features are separated and standing out. If you are eagerly waiting for Whatsapp status feature. Download the beta version of Whatsapp Status from APK mirror site.

GoodTime NationMarch 2, 2017


Bangalore: March 02, 2017: Closer to Women’s Day, Amazon announces the launch of rekindle, an initiative to encourage women on a professional break, to resume their corporate career. Through this initiative, Amazon aims to provide opportunities to support women, who intend to professionally re-integrate and recommence their job. Structured on-boarding, focused mentoring, flexible work options and on the job learning will be the key elements of Rekindle which will help candidates develop the requisite competencies for the role.

Aimed at empowering women employees to return to work and smoothly integrate into the workspace, Amazon will provide an environment to address their concerns and close specific skills gaps. The rekindle program offers them flexible work options including work from home, and flexible shift options depending on the role. We will offer them roles that allow a flexible work arrangement and at the same time provide an opportunity to perform effectively on the job such as live projects across different functional areas including Technology, Operations as well as support functions like HR, Finance and Legal etc. This will enable gradual ramp up of responsibilities in stages giving the candidates the bandwidth to regain confidence and accustom to what is expected from them.

Talking about the program, Mr. Raj Raghavan, Director Human Resources APAC, Amazon said, “Often when we looked to fill key positions, we chanced upon senior women leaders who had taken a career break and wanted to return to work. However several of them, were constrained by lack of being in active practice with their skills and expertise on their subject that they weren’t as confident as they would have earlier been. In addition to their need to have a flexible work schedule, desire to ramp up in a thoughtful pace etc. were inhibiting us to engage with great talent focused on solving customer problems. This caused us to pause a bit and put together a thoughtful approach towards tapping this latent talent. The result was ‘rekindle’.

“With rekindle, we aim to provide a launch pad to women who have had an extended absence from work in their career due to any circumstances and encourage them to come to Amazon and pursue their career goals,” he adds.

As per Gender Diversity Benchmark for Asia 2011 report, female employees represent a very small percentage in the total workforce (29%) and constitute the largest talent pipeline leakage (% reduction in female employees while moving from junior to middle management or middle to senior management). It has been observed that Indian female employees are giving up their careers sooner in comparison with other Asian countries.

Aligning with the objective of enabling women re-commence their professional journey, the rekindle program is open to any candidate who has prior experience that matches the job requirements for the identified positions. Candidates will go through a structured assessment process comprising of a telephonic interview and multiple in-person interviews. Basis the performance during these interviews, final hiring decision will be made for the position. Once the selected candidates are on-boarded, Amazon.in will help them get assimilated into the Amazon culture and way of business with rekindle Mentoring Program. The mentoring engagement will include a series of developmental conversations spread over 5 months, where each of the identified areas is progressively worked upon. “Our rekindle mentorship program is aimed at grooming women in brushing up their skills and to make them ready to take on bigger responsibilities,” adds Raj further.

Rahul RathoreMarch 2, 2017


Telecom major Bharti Airtel and network equipment maker Nokia has chosen to seek after its innovation association with the mission towards 5G technology and connected devices.

Nokia said in a statement that under the new agreement, both companies concentrate on 5G network connectivity and will work on the development of new services. The details of the financial aspect of the deal have not been disclosed. Bharti Airtel Director (Network Services) Abhay Savargaonkar said: “The 5G and IoT applications have tremendous potential to transform lives and we are pleased to partner with Nokia to enable these future technologies for our customers.”

Sanjay Malik, Head of India Market, Nokia, “After our successful association with Bharti Airtel for 2G, 3G and 4G technologies, we are proud to partner to prepare for the future of mobile networks. We will leverage our global experience in 5G-related industry projects and collaborations to enable Bharti Airtel to prepare their networks for greater capacity, coverage and speed.”

Jay Chen, CEO of Huawei India said the Indian telecom companies to adopt 5G technology will begin this year. This technology in its current form can provide a download speed of up to 1000 Mbps. He added, “In India, MIMO technology will be adopted this year. We have talked with the major telecom companies that are interested in it. currently, the implementation of this technology is commercially available with Huawei only.

Airtel Announces Free Roaming Across India

Reliance Jio partner with Israel-based company Airspan to provide 5G Technology

Nationwide free 4G Internet and calling services provider RJio is also planning to launch 5G Internet Service soon in India. Reliance will accomplish this work in partnership with the Israel-based company Airspan. To provide 5G internet speed both will deploy small cells.

These small cells would be able to carry 350 terabyte data as well as the cells will be able to carry about 5 million VoLTE calls every day. After these cells are deployed carrier can give high-speed Internet, voice and digital Services.

Reliance Jio President Mathew Oommen Said, “we are working to meet the demand for high-speed internet for the people of the country. Together we have created new products which can provide 5G Internet. Now most companies due to heavy data demands are moving towards 5G technology, such strategy, design, development is the need. To meet the needs of 5G Jio and Airspan is partnering.”

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