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Talking about the economic situation, Rajesh Karir became emotional, said- It is not easy to ask for help in this way, you have to kill yourself.


TV actor Rajesh Kareer recently posted his video on social media seeking financial help. In such a situation, people have deposited Rs 12 lakh in their account so far. Now Rajesh told that he needed the money so that he could go back to Punjab and find some employment there.

In an interview with Hindustan Times, Rajesh said, “I have applied for a living certificate in the son’s school.” Hopefully, we go to Punjab by Thursday. I will not leave Mumbai forever. Here I have worked full life. I can’t learn new skills at this age. I do not think it right to stop here, given the situation created by the corona virus. I can’t wait 6 to 8 months here without work. So I have made a plan to go to Punjab and do something there. I will try my hand at Punjabi films there. Mumbai is in my heart and when this city calls me, I will come back again. ”

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Rajesh explained why he needed to ask for money on social media. He said, “Producers do not pay, it gets one year and payment is not even for two days. What should an actor do in this situation? Either his background is solid or he is getting regular work. I did not work for a single day after July 30, 2019. Where will you get the money, which has not worked for 11 months. In such a situation, I had only one option to ask for help from everyone. I could embrace death or find another way to live, but everyone supported me when I chose life. ”

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Rajesh said that choosing death would make things more difficult for children and family. He said, “It is not easy to ask people openly in this way. You have to kill yourself. I know only acting and in all these years I have done just that. I am 50 years old and at the moment I cannot do anything else. If you give me one lakh rupees every month and say that I have to sit in a chair for 6 hours every day, then I cannot do it. I am not used to such work. ”

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