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Taking a sneak peak at Samsung’s Creative devices: CES 2016


Samsung to offer a chance to take a peek at their next-generation projects that it is working on. This top-secret project, being conducted at the Creative Lab is showcased at the International CES (consumer electronics and consumer technology tradeshow) 2016 for the first ever a time in January 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The three revolutionary ideas, the smart belt, a monitor controller for VR headset operation as well as a smart watch strap lying behind the curtains will be revealed to the visitors.

  • Samsung Welt: It appears like any other leather belt and is designed to go great with a good suit. The Welt can spontaneously measure the steps taken, the size of the waist, time spent sitting and also monitors the eating habits. It can be used in combination with an application to develop one’s own weight management plan and suitable diet.
  • Samsung Rink: It slides across the hand of a player while video gaming and also to swipe through content. Interactive games that involve swords, rackets and runs can be played the best.
  • Samsung TipTalk: It works on converting a digital signal into an amplified one. TipTalk is integrated to the watchstrap and when the phone rings, it required that the individual just sticks his finger into the ear. It also supports text to speech function.

The Creative Lab, also known internally as the C-Lab has been the driving force behind 100 and more projects of Samsung. The work is in progress and there is great anticipation to see the working of TipTalk.

News reports reveal that the C-Lab gives its employees a year-off their professional jobs to encourage their involvement in research and other experimental projects.

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