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Sushmita Sen, who was battling this disease for 5 years, said- I knew that I had to fight because my life was not over yet.


Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen was away from films for a long time, but now she is making a comeback with her web series ‘Arya’. Sushmita has recently revealed about her illness. Sushmita told a website that she has been battling a disease for about 5 years.

In fact, Sushmita said while talking to Anupama Chopra, ‘I am very excited about my web series Arya because I am returning after 10 years. In these 10 years, 5 years I saw my younger daughter growing up and the remaining 5 years I was very upset. The 5 years have been quite painful. This time led me into a dark place where I was never. In 2014, I came to know that I have Addison’s disease.

Sushmita further said, ‘Though I could see a ray of light in that darkness, I did not know that Arya (Sushmita’s upcoming series) would happen but I knew something good was going to happen and I have to fight for it because right now My life was not over. ‘

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Please tell that Sushmita had told about this disease on her YouTube video, ‘There were dark circles under my eyes. It was very difficult to take steroids and then live up to its numerous side effects. But I had to do something to strengthen my mind that would help fight my illness.

Sushmita went on to say, ‘Over time my illness got cured and I no longer needed to take steroids and my autoimmune condition has also improved since 2019’.

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