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Sushant’s flatmate Siddharth Pithani told, what happened a day before the actor’s death


CBI interrogation continues in Sushant Singh Rajput case. The CBI has questioned Sushant’s flatmate Siddharth Pithani several times. According to Aaj Tak, he has information about Siddharth Pithani’s statement. According to the channel, Siddharth told the CBI about what happened 1 day before Sushant’s death.

According to the report, Siddharth told that on June 13, Sushant had to pay some bills which he had to pay from his mobile phone. Siddhartha helped him in this. After that Sushant drank mango shake but did not have dinner.

Why did the sisters leave on 12 June

Siddharth told the CBI that on June 12, Mitu Didi said that she was missing her daughter a lot and then she left.

Riya Chakraborty continues to be questioned

Riya is being questioned by CBI for the third time on Sunday after Friday and Saturday. According to reports, the CBI team questioned Riya Chakraborty, Siddharth Pithani and Samuel Miranda together. Riya’s brother Shouvik Chakraborty was questioned in a separate room.

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Whom to inquire and whose statements were recorded

The CBI has so far questioned many people including Siddharth Pithani, Cook Neeraj Singh and domestic assistant Dipesh Sawant. The CBI has also recorded the statements of Sushant Rajput’s chartered accountant Sandeep Sridhar and accountant Rajat Mewati.

Significantly, the body of 34-year-old actor Sushant Singh Rajput was found hanging in his flat in Bandra on June 14.

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