Stephen Hawking will go to space, after the trump, I will not be in the US now


Famous scientist Stephen Hawking wants to go to space. During an interview in Good Morning Britain, he has said that he never dreamed that he could go to space. But when Richard Branson offered me a seat in the Virgin Galactic spaceship, I immediately said yes and got ready.

Significantly, Richard Branson is a UK businessman, who is the owner the commercial space travel company named as Virgin Galactic. He had set a target for making space flights in 2009, but for many reasons, it was postponed. In this interview, Professor Hawking talks about American President Donald Trump. He has said that after the arrival of Trump, he feels that he will never be called in the US anymore.

Stephen Hawking is 75 years old renowned scientist and is suffering from motor neurone disease. That is why he can not speak and is also disabled in the physical form. However, through the special machine manufactured by Intel, he delivers his ideas and inventions to the world.

In an interview, he has expressed the desire to go to space and said: “three children have brought me great joy – and I can tell you what will make me happy, to travel in space.”

In 2015, the founder of Space Travel Company Richard Branson said in a statement that he hopes that one day he will take Stephen Hawking to the stars. That’s because he respects Hawking and honours him.

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