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Sonu Sood is the real hero for the migrant laborers, the actor said- 70 thousand people are on the waiting list


Bollywood actor Sonu Sood is making headlines these days. He has been working to bring migrant laborers to his home in Mumbai for the last several days. His work is being discussed everywhere. Now people are asking for help from all corners of the country. He told that 70 thousand people are in the waiting list, who have to reach home. Now not only the buses are also arranging for the laborers to be transported to their homes.

Sonu Sood said, “From the day our buses went to Karnataka with people, my phone is not ringing. I was unable to answer many phone calls and messages when I issued a toll free number. A lot of calls are coming. 70 thousand people are on the waiting list and many are contacting us.

Now Sonu Sood has booked three trains to send migrant laborers stranded in Mumbai to states like Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. Sonu Sood said that trains and flights save a lot of time. He said, the journey of buses is long. With this, permission is required from every state, it takes a lot of time. Thanks to everyone who supported me a lot. In all these years, I have only earned friends, they are supporting me.

The actor said that me and my team take necessary precautions. I need to go out and look after the important things. I do not believe in half-finished work.

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