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Social Security Scheme: 9.3 lakh new subscribers associated with this scheme of ESIC, expected to open employment avenues


new Delhi. During the Corona period, many people became unemployed. Workers, factories workers and daily earners were the biggest losers. Millions of people were forced to return to their homes due to snatching bread and bread. But gradually things are becoming normal. Because about 9.3 lakh new subscribers have been added to ESIC’s social security scheme. This is a good sign. Because they reflect the increasing possibility of new employment.

About 6.7 lakh new subscribers have also joined the EPF scheme. The number of new members in both schemes increased over the previous month. Because the number of new members joining ESIC was just 7.5 lakhs in July and 6.5 lakh new subscribers joined the EPF. But recently people are joining it again on a large scale. This suggests that employees are turning back to cities. In August, EPF subscribers joined about 1 million subscribers.

What is ESIC scheme
The current wage ceiling for coverage under the ESI scheme is Rs 21,000 per month. If an employee is a disabled person, then the amount for them is Rs 25,000 per month. In addition, the scheme is applicable to organizations that employ 10 or more employees. The job of the Employees State Insurance Corporation is to provide insurance money to the employees. Employees’ State Insurance Corporation is a multi-dimensional social security system, which is created to provide socio-economic protection to employees and their dependents.


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