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Sita aka Deepika Chikhaliya of Ramayana challenges fans by sharing a special photo


Deepika Chikhaliya, who plays Sita in Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayana, is very active on Instagram these days. He had shared his love story and memories of marriage and honeymoon with the fans before, which made the fans very happy. Meanwhile, now Deepika has shared a throwback photo of her, with which she has given a challenge to her fans by posing a funny question. Not only this, he has also promised to reveal the secret associated with the photo.

Let us know that this photo of Deepika is after her wedding, in which she poses with vermilion and posing with a cute smile wearing Mangalsutra around her neck. She looks very simple in a blue sari. However his caption has increased the beating of the fans. So let’s know what Deepika Chikhaliya wrote in the caption of her photo.

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While sharing this photo, Deepika has written that it is very special for me, after this I am not going to tell any long story yet. Because I want you guys to understand themselves and think and think what is that special thing. Next to this, Deepika writes that I challenge that you will not be able to answer this. However, this picture is so special that I do not want to tell its secret yet. You people will have to work hard to know. So for the answer, first gess yourself and tell me if I do not share the correct answer with you.

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Let me tell you that this photo of Deepika, shared a few hours ago, has received more than 21 thousand likes so far. Fans are finding this photo of Deepika very cute. At the same time, fans are constantly giving their answers by commenting on the photo. Although the fans are waiting, Deepika will tell us whatever secret is related to this photo. His faintness is clearly seen from the comments of the fans.

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