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Shilpa Shetty washed her husband’s utensils, see Raj’s condition in the video!


Shilpa Shetty and her husband Raj Kundra continue to make many videos on Tick Talk these days. The videos of both also get tremendous response from the fans. Now a video of Shilpa and Raj has been shared by Manav Mangalani. In the video you will see that Raj is washing his hands when Shilpa comes and she says to Raj, it is better to wash hands with soap again and again and wash 2 to 2 dishes.

After this Raj is forced to wash dishes.

Raj was beaten before this

A few days ago, Shilpa shared a video in which she is fixing her wardrobe, then why does Raj do them. Shilpa then says to Raj, Look, don’t kiss me while working.

As soon as Shilpa says this, her workmate says, yes, please explain well, Madam, I got tired of speaking.

On hearing this, Shilpa starts beating Raj. Please tell that the role of Kamwali in the video is also done by Shilpa.

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When Raj was abused

Actually in this video you will see that Shilpa is standing behind Raj. Raj says, ‘Friends, today I am presenting a very lovely singer among you. Which song will you sing? ‘

So says Shilpa, Lag ja hug. After which Raj says, ‘All that later, what song will you sing?’ After which Shilpa says, ‘Kaminey yeh gana hai hai’.

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