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Share market thunders from Bihar election announcement amid Corona challenge, Relief of 3.50 crores to investors


new Delhi. Although the opening of the share market was good today, but till the close of the market, the roar of the market will be so fast, no one was aware of it. In fact, amid rising cases of corona virus, the Election Commission announced the dates of the Assembly election in Bihar, the country’s important state (Bihar Assembly Election 2020). Which energized the market and went beyond the 800 mark gain. On the other hand, shares of telecom companies also saw a rise. While the shares of Airtel ran up by more than 4 percent, on the other hand, the shares of Vodafol Idea ie V was up more than 13 percent. The main reason for the rise in V is the victory of 20 thousand crores retro tax against the Government of India. TCS shares have also seen a gain of nearly 4 per cent today.

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Stock market closed with tremendous momentum
Today, the Election Commission announced the dates of Bihar election, challenging the corona virus. After which the market saw tremendous boom. According to experts, where all the businesses are closed due to Corona virus, such an election is a good sign for the country and here. In such a situation, the positive sentiment of activity of the government and election commission appeared on the market. The market is hopeful that the country will soon recover from Corona. Due to which the Sensex gained 835.06 points to end at 37388.66 points. On the other hand, the National Stock Exchange’s major index Nifty 50 gained 244.70 points to close at 11050.25 points.

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Strong boom in all sectors
Today, there was a strong boom in all sectors of the stock market. The auto sector closed with a gain of 569.78 points. On the other hand, Bank Exchange 550.72, Bank Nifty closed with a gain of 525.45 points. Capital Goods 404.10, Consumer Durables 281.53, BSE FMCG 215.64, BSE Healthcare 448.47, BSE IT 692.70, BSE Metal 232.85, Oil & Gas 241.86, BSE PSU 100.85, Tech 354.49, BSE Small Cap 327.30, BSE Mid-Cap 403.47 and Foreign Investors Indecus CNX Midcap closed with a gain of 464.20 points.

The biggest increase in these banks
On the other hand, the shares of Bajaj Fineserve have seen a gain of 6.96 percent. IndusInd Bank closed with a gain of 5.02 per cent. Cipla and HCL Technology saw a gain of 5 per cent and Bharti Airtel 4.85 per cent. On the other hand, Vodafone Idea shares have seen a gain of 14 per cent.

3.50 Lakh Crore Recovery to Investors
At the same time, after the loss of Rs 3.75 crore on Thursday, investors have recovered Rs 3.50 lakh crore today. In fact, the profit and loss of investors is linked to the market cap of BSE. The market cap of BSE closed at Rs 1,48,76,217.22 crore yesterday after a fall on Thursday. After that, the market cap of BSE has risen to Rs 1,52,26,705.42 crore today. That is, investors got a recovery of about 3.50 lakh crores.


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