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Shahrukh AhmedMarch 21, 2017


Famous scientist Stephen Hawking wants to go to space. During an interview in Good Morning Britain, he has said that he never dreamed that he could go to space. But when Richard Branson offered me a seat in the Virgin Galactic spaceship, I immediately said yes and got ready.

Significantly, Richard Branson is a UK businessman, who is the owner the commercial space travel company named as Virgin Galactic. He had set a target for making space flights in 2009, but for many reasons, it was postponed. In this interview, Professor Hawking talks about American President Donald Trump. He has said that after the arrival of Trump, he feels that he will never be called in the US anymore.

Stephen Hawking is 75 years old renowned scientist and is suffering from motor neurone disease. That is why he can not speak and is also disabled in the physical form. However, through the special machine manufactured by Intel, he delivers his ideas and inventions to the world.

In an interview, he has expressed the desire to go to space and said: “three children have brought me great joy – and I can tell you what will make me happy, to travel in space.”

In 2015, the founder of Space Travel Company Richard Branson said in a statement that he hopes that one day he will take Stephen Hawking to the stars. That’s because he respects Hawking and honours him.

Rahul RathoreFebruary 23, 2017


US space agency NASA scientists have claimed about finding another solar system. These are Earth-sized Seven Planet. NASA claimed that among seven three has possibilities of life and can have the ocean on these planets. Here’s what the scientist of NASA claimed the possibilities of life on these newly discovered planets.

These planets are the size of Earth
NASA tweeted that is a new record. Residential zone outside our solar system around stars. Seven new planets the size of Earth are found. Spitzer Space Telescope found that they are as big as the planet Earth in size and can be expected to have a residential zone.

Possibility of existence of Aliens
NASA scientists claim that this three planet have a sea. NASA also claimed that there are chances of water as on earth. Every possibility of the existence of Aliens.

How these Planet Works?
Seven planets in the new solar system have the size of Earth. These planets move around Trappist-1 in the orbit. Six of 7 Planet has the temperature ranging from 0 to 100 degrees Celsius.

What is the USP?
Years on this three Planet is of 4, 6 and 9 days. Which means all three the planets takes 4, 6 and 9 days to complete the orbit around the sun (The Trappist). These three are the part from Planet Earth. Dr Chris Copperwheat leading this team from NASA said: “The discovery has boosted the possibilities of life in the universe beyond Earth in the future.”

How important is this Discovery
Discovery of these new group of planets has been described as the greatest discoveries in the world of science. The new solar system is 39 light years away from Earth (378 million km). However, it’s may take more than a decade to explore these planets and find the existence of life.

What is the composition of these planets?
These newly discovered solar systems have the smallest Sun Trappist-1 around which these planets revolves. Trappist is slightly larger than Jupiter in our solar system. The light from the sun is 200 times less. Scientists estimate that when the fuel will end in the sun then Earth will be destroyed. But this planet will exist. Trappist hydrogen gas is burning slowly. Which means it will exist 700 times higher than the current age of the universe to do.

GoodTime NationFebruary 15, 2017


Andhra Pradesh: The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has succeeded another milestone today. ISRO has created a new record by launching 104 satellite with PSLV-C37. This space mission by ISRO will make a significant presence of India in the world.

On 9 hrs 28 mins ISRO launched 104 satellites through PSLV-C37. So far, Russia had the record of sending most satellites in the space. Earlier Russia had achieved the milestone by launching 37 satellites simultaneously. In June 2015, ISRO proved its capability by launching 23 satellites at a time.

10 Great Facts About ISRO’s Record Satellite Launch.

  • The primary satellite of the mission is Cartosat-2 series is the series first which is 714kg and is similar to other satellites.
  • Along with the two satellites of ISRO and other 101 international superfine (nano) satellites to be launched, which also has a total weight of 664 kilogrammes.
  • 96 American and one each satellite from Israel, Kazakhstan, Netherlands, Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates are present.
  • San Francisco-based company has launched 88 small satellite with ISRO on this mission.
  • Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle developed by India is the most trusted rocket of ISRO. Its the39th mission of PSLV-C37 rocket in this category.
  • So far, 38 missions have been carried out with the help of PSLV.
  • Cartosat-2 series satellite will come into use for observation of the Earth.
  • The two nano satellites INS-1A and INS-1B are also placed in orbit.
  • ISRO has used the heaviest version of PSLV in the mission. PSLV-37 weighing 320 tonnes, height 44.4 meters.
  • 88 small satellites would also be used to capture the photos of the earth.
  • ISRO’s this rocket has the height of a 15-storey building.

Anupreet KaurDecember 5, 2016

NASA strikes a milestone in space biology. An experiment was conducted to exhibit how NASA applies science across disciplines. 
As part of the Veg-03 experiment, six lettuce plants were planted abroad the International Space Station on October 25. The result has been remarkable as the lettuce plants have grown concurrently. The experiment was initiated by the NASA astronaut Shane Kimbrough under the guidance of on the ground gardeners at Kennedy Space Center. 
Kimbrough tasted the “Outredgeous” Red Romaine lettuce leaves. The motive behind plantation is to escalate the on-orbit harvest and provide astronauts fresh and nutritious diets. The experiment on-orbit was done after testing it on the ground. 
Elaborating about the experiment, Veggie Project Manager Nicole Dufour said, “During their first week of life, the small seedlings were getting too much water. This put the plants’ growth a bit behind schedule, but they recovered nicely after we instructed Kimbrough to use a fan to dry up some of the moisture.”
The technique used for cultivation of crops in space is Cut-and-come-again. As the name suggests, the procedure involves a harvest of selected leaves, while the others are left intact. The plants will continue to grow and produce more leaves for harvest in every ten days approximately. “A repetitive harvest allows us to provide more food for both the crew and science, so it’s a win-win. We are looking forward to hearing how Shane enjoys his first harvest,” said Dufour.
The crew members mounted a plaque near the chamber which read, “Dedicated to the memory of space biology pioneers Thora Halstead and Ken Souza, for all they did to plant and nurture the seeds of biological research in space.” 

GoodTime NationNovember 25, 2016

Arani in the lab
Dr Arani in the lab – Copyright (GTN)

Dr Arani Basal Cell Removal (BCR) method to treat HPV-related growth was introduced in 2007 as 3 step microsurgical destruction technical procedure approach and has helped thousands of patients with persistent and complicated warts from all over the world to live without HPV-related growth today. Dr Arani is the author of HPV, The Silent Intruder.

Dr Arani proposing all new classification of external genital HPV infection This classification and recommendation is made to observe further and control the spreading of HPV infection in the patient. According to Dr Arani: The higher stage of genital HPV infection the more aggressive treatment method and follow-up might be needed by the clinician. While stage I might benefited from conservative treatment, patient with stage IV, usually benefit from more aggressive or invasive treatment and follow-up. Patient with higher stage has a higher chance to develop anal warts then that would involve annual anal Pap smear to screen for possible malignant or precancerous transformation.

HPV is the most common STD in the world, and multilateral approach has been taken to treat genital and anal related HPV infection present itself as warts. Siavash Arani did an observational study. On 311 random patients who were treated by his method of microsurgical removal approach called BCR (basal cell removal). Patients were both male and female, but the number of men was significantly higher. They had different sexual preference and majority had other treatment attempt session with various methods such as freezing, topical application and laser. They all had tissue biopsy confirming the diagnosis of genital / Anal warts. Out of 311 patients (309) 99.3% patients experienced no recurrence on treated targeted individual wart, in other word none of the same treated individual lesions grew back. Two had the recurrence on same individual growth which was treated successfully subsequently. This would make Dr Arani method of BCR of treating genital anal warts at greater than 99% success rate on same individual warts which were treated. This study would not include all new growth in the new area that was not treated with BCR. A surgical microscope was used to detect the much smaller less detectable warts which yield superior prognosis than non-microscopic approach. This observation would place BCR method as the most efficient technique to eradicate HPV-related growth. This was significantly higher than another method such as laser treatment which has been recorded as 20-40 success according to WebMD.


Rahul RathoreNovember 25, 2016


The figures shared by Dr. Chandra Bhushan, the deputy director of the Centre for Science and Environment, on air pollution levels in north India recently are startling, to say the least. According to Dr. Bhushan, the air quality index across northern cities was easily crossing an AQI of 500, which can be categorized as hazardous. Dr. Bhushan was talking with renowned security expert Maroof Raza, on India Risk Report, a web series produced by risk management firm IIRIS. The show discussed how not only air pollution has several health hazards, several of which are well known, including cancer, asthma, and cardiac problems, but also delved into the lesser known aspects of its corporate impact.

One study alleges, around 590,000 premature deaths were linked to outdoor air pollution and about 1 million deaths to household air pollution. India has the highest rate of death caused by chronic respiratory diseases anywhere in the world. This has incredible social and health costs for companies, as they suffer from decreased productivity, restrictions on the movement of goods and passenger traffic, and even increased costs from the use of indoor air purifiers. While the pollution status makes it an opportunity for some to market clean air, allegedly packaged from the Canadian mountains in some cases, the overall economic repercussions are many. It would not be long for example when companies in India are forced to pay a premium for their expatriate staff to operate here, and when the tourism numbers, especially in North India, start to decline due to the pollution. This has a major brand image problem for India. It might soon be that we move from a land of snake charmers to the IT capital to the prominent smoking chimney of the world.

Our bigger neighbor China, whom we may have found solace in having much worse levels of air pollution, has taken the beast head on. According to the World Health Organization, pollution in China peaked in 2011 and then started to reduce gradually, but the same cannot be said about India. As we move towards clean technology and renewable use of energy, there is an associated cost of ensuring that all other aspects of air pollution are also addressed. Some of this is social moorings, and technology may not be helpful. For example, the crop stubble burning has been increasing in the past decade due to the use of modern farm techniques which harvest at a higher height than when it was done manually. This is not to say that technology has its drawbacks, and indeed, it can instead be used for the betterment of the environment, especially in rural areas such as the use of LPG, instead of biomass as a fuel source for cooking. Also, the use of solar energy panels for improved electricity and better living in villages.

Our corporates have a lot to invest for in the clean air campaign for India if nothing else for improved worker efficiency. As per an ASSOCHAM study, in November 2016, 5% to 10% of employees had taken time off work with respiratory problems caused by air pollution in New Delhi. Overall, the pollution impact on our GDP is a whopping USD80 billion per year, equivalent to 5.7% of its economy according to the World Bank in 2014. The India Risk Report episode on air pollution also shared some other related vital statistics on the future of our well-being in the country.  It is good to know that some firms are doing so much for our greener tomorrow, and it is imperative for the findings and recommendations from this episode, and others like it to find resonance among our industrialists, policy makers and general citizenry alike.

Sridevi RanganathanFebruary 9, 2016


A meteorite which fell from the sky in the southern region of Tamil Nadu on Saturday has created a great deal of chaos as it takes toll of a regional bus driver’s life. The impact of the explosion caused by the same is one death and injuries two 3 people.

Surprisingly, this would be the first ever in history as no other meteorite that has ever struck the earth before, has taken lives away.

The incident occurred as there was a huge explosion in one of the engineering school grounds in Tamil Nadu followed by which windows broke apart. The object also left 2 feet to 1.5 meter deep crater convincing the policemen that it was essentially from the sky. One of the policemen said in this regard, “We can rule out the possibility of any terror angle or sabotage. Not a single ingredient pertaining to any kind of explosive was found at the site. We suspect it to be a meteorite fall,” addressing The Hindu.

Although there have been several meteorite strikes on earth, they have usually occurred in regions where human society did not exist. The fact that it is a meteorite can be confirmed only after thorough investigation and scientific analysis of the remnants.

While it is possible to track down the chances of larger asteroids that could hit the earth and cause a large scale damage, it becomes least possible to predict an incident as that of today’s or of Russia’s that occurred a few years ago.

As per the preliminary investigation, the object weighs about 11 grams and appears like a bluish colored rock.

The shocked chief minister of Tamil Nadu said, “A meteorite fell at a private engineering college … and claimed the life of a college bus driver,”

Assistant professor at Indian institute of Astrophysics, Bangalore, S. P. Raja guru reported that nothing could be concluded unless tests were conducted. But apparently, authorities do agree that it could be a meteorite. He also added that it could as well be the left over parts of a space shuttle or a rocket and said, “Hitting the Earth surface is very rare and there have been no deaths in recorded history.

Anupreet KaurFebruary 7, 2016


Despite warnings from the US and South Korea, North Korea on Sunday morning launched a long-range rocket from the Dongchang-ri missile base. While North Korea claims it as a successful launch of Kwangmyongsong-4 satellite, South Korea and other countries believe it to be a missile test. The launch was expected to be carried out on February 8, however, clear weather conditions made it start a day earlier.

The rocket was launched a month after North Korea’s nuclear test. Reportedly, a proper permission was taken from the 33-year-old leader Kim Jong-un to fire the rocket.

Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has called the launch as unacceptable, while China also expressed concern about the same. Russia, France and Britain also criticized North Korea for the test.

The official statement released from Russia’s foreign ministry revealed, “We strongly recommend the leadership of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea think about whether a policy of opposing the entire international community meets the interests of the country.”

In an official statement, UN’s Secretary General Ban Ki-moon shared, “It is deeply deplorable that (North Korea) has conducted a launch using ballistic missile technology in violation of relevant Security Council resolutions on 6 February 2016 despite the united plea of the international community against such an act.”

Considering this alarming issue, South Korea has decided to resume talks with the US regarding the use of advanced missile defense. In addition, countries including Japan, South Korea and the US have requested the United Nations Security Council to hold an emergency meeting about this launch.

GoodTime NationDecember 8, 2015


NASA unveiled the sharpest images of the planet Pluto taken from the New Horizons spacecraft on July 14 this year. In the series of images taken, the spacecraft has captured a “variety of cratered, mountainous and glacial terrains”. The high resolution images of 250-280 miles per pixel of the dwarf planet are believed to be the best pictures till date.

In the image released, it shows the water-ice crust stuck together, also known as al-Idrisi Mountains, which surrounds the Sputnik Planum.

John Grunsfeld, former astronaut and associate administrator for NASA’s Science Mission Directorate, shared, “New Horizons thrilled us during the July flyby with the first close images of Pluto, and as the spacecraft transmits the treasure trove of images in its onboard memory back to us, we continue to be amazed by what we see.”

“These close-up images, showing the diversity of terrain on Pluto, demonstrate the power of our robotic planetary explorers to return intriguing data to scientists back here on planet Earth,” added Grunsfeld.

The images were captured through telescopic Long Range Reconnaissance Imager (LORRI), before New Horizons nearest approach to the dwarf planet. The icy-cratered plains in the images show the interior layering of craters.

“Nothing of this quality was available for Venus or Mars until decades after their first flybys; yet at Pluto we’re there already – down among the craters, mountains and ice fields – less than five months after flyby! The science we can do with these images is simply unbelievable,” said New Horizons’s Colorado Principal Investigator Alan Stern. In a few images, it has also shown how faulting and erosion carved a few areas.

Anupreet KaurNovember 17, 2015


New York: New research work has proved that there can be a great impact of the Carbon dioxide levels on the natural climate of the earth.

The latest data collected in this regard has shown that the earlier studies made and the conclusions drawn have revealed much lesser about the catastrophic effects of CO2 such as the Green House effect. The underestimated effects of CO2 have now been considered for further studies.

The research team from Binghamton University has found that nahcolite crystals that they had found in the Green River formation, Colorado, were from 50 million years ago. It was indeed during a hot house effect time where the expected CO2 concentration was to be around 680 ppm, but has been predicted to be 1125 ppm by recent experiments.

Researcher Tim Lowenstein said, “The significance of this is that CO2 50 million years ago may not have been as high as we once thought it was, but the climate back then was significantly warmer than it is today,”

The level of Carbon di oxide is now about 400 ppm. As per the current phenomena studied, the average temperature of the globe will be subjected to a raise of 30 C if the concentrations of CO2 doubles, i.e., reaches 800 ppm. Carbon dioxide indeed has a great role to play in adding to Global warming.

Lowenstein also added “These are direct chemical measurements that are based on equilibrium thermodynamics,” “These are direct laboratory experiments, so I think they are really reliable,” According to him, CO2 levels might not have been as high as they were thought to be, about 50 million years ago. But the climate was, to some extent, warmer than the present.

Lowenstein’s study on the ice cores dated a million years ago is one trustworthy, direct method of measuring carbon dioxide. It is based on thermodynamics and the study is published in the Journal Geology.

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