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SBI made changes in KYC rules, know how you will be able to sit at home and update


New Delhi. If you have not updated the KYC (KYC) from the bank account yet, then there is good news for you. State Bank of India, the country’s largest bank, has provided another facility for KYC updates to its customers.

In view of the second wave of Corona virus epidemic, customers are facing difficulties in reaching the branch due to local lockdown. This is the reason why SBI has decided to accept documents for KYC through post or email.

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SBI has advised the heads of local offices to provide online facility to the people who are getting annoyed in coming to the branch due to Corona virus. That is, documents for their KYC will be accepted through mail post.

In such a situation, the customers whose SBI has not got any work stuck due to KYC updates in the bank, they will get a big relief.

KYC update is required
Let us tell you that higher risk customers have to update their KYC at least once in two years. At the same time, medium risk customers have to update their KYC once every 8 years.

While talking about low risk customers, they also have to update their KYC once every 10 years.
This initiative of SBI will provide great relief to its customers, it is expected that after SBI, other banks will also provide this facility to customers.

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Alert about this matter too
Actually, online fraud is also increasing due to Corona virus. In such a situation, SBI has also started a campaign about digital banking in times of pandemics to make its customers aware.
Under this, he is also giving constant warnings to his customers about avoiding any kind of online fraud.

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