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SBI Car Loan Interest: Now you will get a car loan at a cheaper rate of interest, apply at home


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SBI Car Loan Interest Rate: If you are thinking of getting a car then this is a good opportunity for you. State Bank of India (SBI Loan Schemes) has brought a great offer to its customers. SBI is giving interest rate rebate on taking a car loan from its YONO mobile app (SBI YONO App). Any SBI customer can avail this scheme. State Bank of India has initiated this. The best thing is that you can apply for a home loan (Apply For Car Loan on SBI Yono App). Also you will get a discount on the interest rate.

PMMY: Government is giving loan of 10 lakh rupees without guarantee in this scheme, apply this way

Apply at home
Under the State Bank of India offer, if you apply for a car loan through SBI Yono, you can get a rebate of 0.25% on the bank’s normal interest rate. At the same time, after applying, you will get a car loan immediately. You get finance on the onroad price of the vehicle. This will reduce the burden on you.

How to apply
You can apply for a car loan with the SBI Yono app. In this, you are given up to 7 years to repay the loan. To take a loan from the SBI YONO app, you will have to login to SBI YONO. If you have not registered for the Yono app, then you have to register first. After login, you have to go to the menu. Here you will find many loan options. You have to click on a car loan here. After this you can apply for a car loan.

Returns are available in the post office more than the bank, know the latest interest rates

SBI Green Car Loan
Even if you are planning to buy an electric vehicle, you can still take a loan from SBI. SBI is offering a green car loan to buy electric vehicles. In this, you get three to 8 years to repay the loan. Loans up to 90 percent of the on road price of the vehicle can be availed.


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