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Satoshi’s Treasure- Digital world’s Latest Scavenger Hunt


Recently an international scavenger hunt – Satoshi’s Treasure has been organized that offers a prize of $1 million worth of bitcoin and this has brought together with the bit coiners and the digital hunters from all over the globe for this challenge.

According to reports, Eric Meltzer of Primitive Venture is one of the co-creator and has told that around 60,000 people have signed up to receive the clues and updates on the game. The team would reveal the clues from time to time on the game’s website. Recently another clue was revealed in New York during the Magical Crypto conference. The clue was a series of cryptic images and some other hints in the business cards that were distributed in the event.

With the game out, all the participants are trying to find various ways to reach the goal. The game is a puzzle plus scavenger hunt where one has to put all the pieces together with the help of the clues provided in the digital world and real world. Every clue will give the piece of the digital key that will be used to access the game’s bitcoin wallet. Many have formed online teams to collect the 400 key fragments that are needed to move the prize form the game’s bitcoin wallet. Also, one of the teams called Magellan Clan had made tokens to give away to people apart from the teams who provide the tips in solving.

Crypto investors, Crypto enthusiasts, have an excellent opportunity to make the right amount of money plus this has united all the Crypto enthusiasts. With all these recent advancements, one can surely say that crypto is here to stay.

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