Sasikala Convicted But Can We Accept These MLA Back in Power ?


Chennai: Supreme Court today in its judgement have convicted AIADMK General Secretary Sasikala for your years in a 20-year-old disproportionate assets case. She is sentenced to four years and cannot contest the election until next decade.

Will the crisis over the Chief Minister of Tamilnadu end? That will be clear in next two to three days. Though this crisis which continued for sometimes have lead questioning the integrity of Ministers, including the interim Chief Minister and those who wanted to be Chief Minister ( like Sasikala)

With Social media post going viral people were very clear that they didn’t want Sasikala to be the Chief Minister while the Minister where Hijacked by Sasikal to support her. All this exaggerated after the press conference by Chief Minister O Pannerselvam, in which he state that ” He was insulted and forced to resign from Chief Minister Post.”

All these bring me to put my opinion in public because it’s not an issue of who will hold the seat or power it’s about who will work for the public.

Opinion is solely my view, and it’s not favouring Sasikala or O pannerselvam or these MLA neither the opposition. Would be happy to the view of others.

1. OPS said I was forced to resign and was insulted by my ministers.
First of all, Why it took two days long for O Pannerselvam to come out and say I was compelled to resign? Why didn’t he kept a press conference before resigning?

Some of us will say when you are locked in a room pointing out the gun on your face you will be compelled to take such decision. Which raise with one more question. What is the guarantee that O Pannerselvam would not do such things again? if Chief Minister is under threat imagine the case of citizens. Isnt it would hurt us in the long run if TN CM does particular agreement under pressure which would affect public. Why because when he took the decision of resigning, people of Tamilnadu thought that if someone else come in it would ruin the state. So it was his decision which would lead to damage. Can we even afford to have such Chief Minister who can take such decision under pressure?
Can we expect Such( means not only Pannerselvam anyone) Ministers?

2. One of the OPS supporters said we were asked to put our signature on blank paper.
What a shame that minister is justified himself as correct by such statement. How can a Minister / MLA of the state sign on blank paper? Can we even trust such representatives who are signing on blank paper? He didn’t even say that he was told to do so it was under pressure and If it was why the minister doesn’t file a report about these and if the police won’t listens to minister on these important issues. What are the chances that the police will even hear ordinary citizen?

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