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Rules related to LPG Gas are going to change from November 1, Home delivery of cylinders will not happen without OTP


new Delhi. Most oil companies offer home delivery of LPG for customers’ convenience. But from November 1, the entire process is about to change. The government is going to implement a new rule to curb black marketing of cylinders. Under this, LPG Gas Cylinder will not be delivered at home without telling OTP. So if you want to continue taking advantage of this facility from home, then get the mobile number registered at your gas agency.

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According to the government order, the oil companies are going to implement the delivery system of the new LPG cylinder. This will help in preventing the theft of Domestic Cylinder and identifying the right customer. From 1 November, one-time password (OTP) will become mandatory for delivery of gas in 100 smart cities of the country. This new system is named DAC. Oil companies have asked all the customers to update their name, address and mobile number at the earliest, so that they can get home delivery of the cylinder at the right time. However, this rule will not apply to commercial (LPG) cylinders.

Learn how the new system will work
For home delivery of cylinders, DAC i.e. Delivery Authentication Code will be required. For this, the gas agency will send a code to your registered mobile number. You have to show that code to the delivery boy. Only then they will give you the cylinder. Delivery will not be complete without OTP. If a customer has not updated his mobile number with the distributor, then the delivery boy will have an app in the mobile with which you will be able to update your number. This will generate a code in real time. With which you will be able to take LPG


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