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RILQ3 Result: Reliance results better than expected, Jio also performs well


new Delhi. Today, the quarterly results of December have been released by Reliance Industry. Reliance Industries saw a 40 per cent increase in profits on a quarterly basis. Whereas Jio’s profits have increased by more than 15 percent. At the same time, the retail business has seen a boom of more than 5 percent. While the September quarter was nothing special. Let us also tell you what kind of figures have been seen by Reliance.

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Reliance’s earnings and profits
According to the data, the company’s profit in the December quarter was Rs 13101 crore. Whereas the estimate was being estimated at Rs. 12600 crore. At the same time, the company had seen a profit of Rs 9567 crore in the last quarter. That is, the company has seen a 40% increase in profits over the previous quarter. At the same time, the company’s earnings have also seen an increase. The company’s earnings were below estimates. The company’s revenue of data has been observed to be Rs 1.18 lakh crore while the estimate was estimated at Rs 1.26 crore. The company’s revenue in the previous quarter was Rs 1.11 lakh.

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This is how Abitada was seen
According to the data, the company’s EBITDA in the third quarter stood at Rs 21,566 crore. Which was estimated to be 22,100 crores. Whereas the company’s EBITDA was seen at Rs 18,945 crore in the last quarter. As a result, the company’s EBITDA margin in the third quarter was 18.3 per cent. Which was estimated to be 17.4 percent. The company’s EBITDA margin was 17 per cent in the previous quarter.

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Great results came out of Jio
If we talk about the business of Reliance Jio, then the performance of Reliance Jio in the December quarter has been quite impressive. During this period, the company saw a 15.5 per cent increase in profits on a quarterly basis. That is, the company saw a profit of Rs 3,489 crore during this period, with its revenue growing 5.3 per cent on a quarterly basis to Rs 19,475 crore. Reliance Jio’s ARPU, ie average revenue per consumer, was Rs 151 per month.

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Reliance Jio added 2.51 crore new customers in the third quarter. According to the company, by December, the total customer base of Reliance Jio has reached 14.08 crore. Reliance Jio’s Ebit saw a 6.4 per cent growth on a quarterly basis. Which stood at Rs 8483 crore. Ebit margin was up by about 0.5 per cent at 45.6 per cent.

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