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RIL got 30 thousand crores from four investors, know how much money to meet with which company


new Delhi. After the announcements, now capital has also started coming to Reliance Industries. According to the information, Reliance (RIL) has received more than 30 thousand crore rupees from four companies. According to the information given by Reliance Industry to the Share Market, it has secured a deal to sell its 6.13 percent stake in Jio Platforms to El Catarton, The Public Investment Fund, Silver Lake and General Atlantic. Rupee has come to Reliance from companies. Earlier it was claimed by the company that the money has been given by Facebook.

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43,574 crores received from Facebook
According to the information, 25 per cent stake of Jio Platforms has been sold by Reliance to 11 foreign investors. Deals amounting to Rs 1,17,588.45 crore have been made by all investors. Facebook has the highest stake in it. According to the information, Reliance has given 9.99 percent shares to Facebook’s wholly owned entity Jadoo Holdings LLC. In return, the company has received Rs 43,574 crore.

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Which company bought how much stake

company Deal Announcement Investment (in crores of rupees) Stake in Jio (in fees)
Facebook 22 April 43574 9.99
silver Lake 4 May 5655.75 1.15
Vista partner 8 May 11367 2.32
General atlantic 17 May 6598.38 1.34
KKR 22 May 11367 2.32
Mubadala 5 June 9,093.60 1.85
silver Lake 5 June 4,546.80 0.93
Abu Dhabi Investment Authority 7 June 5683.5 1.16
TPG 14 June 4,546.80 0.93
El caterton 13 June 1894.5 0.39
PIF 18 June 11,367 2.32
Intel 3 July 1894.5 0.39
The total 117588.83 25.09

Got so much money from these companies
According to the information given by Reliance, it has now received money from four more companies. An amount of Rs 1,894.50 crore has been paid for 0.39 per cent stake by L Catarton’s Interstellar Platform Holdings Private Limited. The Public Investment Fund has paid Rs 11,367 crore for a 2.32 per cent stake. Two units of Silver Lake, SLP Redwood Holdings Private Limited and SLP Redwood Co-Invest (DE) LP, have given Rs 10,202.55 crore for a 2.08 per cent stake. General Atlantic Singapore Jaypee Private Limited has bought 1.34 per cent stake in Jio platform for Rs 6,598.38 crore.


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