“Ride For the Child” charity event to be sponsored by Azolt

“Ride For the Child” charity event to be sponsored by Azolt


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A fund raising event will be conducted in certain parts of America with a purpose of bringing into light some of the most isolated places in mid America.

Certain regions in the middle of America seem to have no access due to the bad condition of the roads. The families that reside in such areas are highly underprivileged as they lack accessibility to their basic needs. Azolt has taken an initiative in raising funds to support the American logistics costs towards the same. The event mainly targets children and hence is called “Ride For the Child”.

The instigator of the event looks forward to creating awareness among the public and intends to raise funds thus helping the children residing in these isolated areas. As per his schedule, he will be cycling at a rate of 120 miles per day for 28 days to reach the targeted region. His path crosses around 11 estates as he experiences 4 time zones by the time he completes the ride. A team of people with a similar mind set will be following him in an RV vehicle throughout his journey to add on to his effort.

The ride is expected to be a smooth one with the aid of the support team. The rider has decided to travel 40% more than that of Tour De France Event and also to cover more distance in a single day along with an agenda to reach heights of about 9000 feet. It demands great courage and determination to be sponsoring an event of this sort as the man has set his goal to be £10000.

News sources as well as the team are all set to document and broadcast the complete act including the training session. This event, which has taken its form with respect to a cause, is sure to reach the population and create a sense of awareness within each one. The documentation will be used for the purpose of promoting donation towards the same cause and thus rendering the event a successful one. The soul behind the event is very confident about finding like-minded people and reaching his goals.
The charity fund raising event hopes to see a great deal of response as it mainly focuses on helping the children of the desolated areas of middle regions of America.