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Reliance’s position reduced by Rs 1.20 lakh crore in 15 business days, know how much loss happened


new Delhi. Reliance Industries, the country’s largest company, has lost more than Rs 1.20 lakh crore between October 15 and October 30. If we talk about the last one week, then this figure has been seen to be Rs 39,55 crore. Due to which the market cap of the company has come to Rs 14 lakh crore on BSE. Whereas about a month and a half ago, the company’s market cap had come to Rs 16 lakh crore. Shares of the company had crossed Rs 2360. During this period, due to the fall in the stock market due to Corona Wirey, the global reason and the decline in the economy, there has been an impact in the price and market cap of the company’s shares.

Reliance market cap falls in 15 trading days
Between October 26 and 30, the market cap of the company declined by Rs 39,355.06 crore.
23 42,567.02 crore decline in the market cap of the company from 19 to 23 October.
Between October 12 and 16, the market cap of the company declined by Rs 39,355.06 crore.
– A loss of Rs 1,21,277.14 crore in the company’s market cap in the last 15 trading days of October.

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Company’s share reduced by Rs 200
On October 9, the company’s stock closed at Rs 2,236.60.
On October 30, the company’s stock closed at Rs 2,054.35.
– The company’s stock declined by Rs 182.25 in 15 trading days.

After all, how are other companies
Between October 26 and 30, the market cap of 9 of the top 10 companies fell by Rs 1,63,510.28 crore.
– Infosys’ market capitalization declined by Rs 26,152.79 crore to Rs 4,51,753.23 crore.
HDFC Bank’s market cap came down by Rs 28,574.61 crore to Rs 6,51,518.11 crore.
HDFC’s market valuation declined by Rs 24,844.93 crore to Rs 3,45,287.89 crore.
– Hindustan Unilever declined by Rs 16,858.07 crore to Rs 4,86,898.54 crore.
– ICICI Bank’s M-cap declined by Rs 16,754.64 crore to Rs 2,70,736.06 crore.
– TCS ‘market share fell by Rs 8,105.15 crore to Rs 9,99,954.24 crore.
– HCL Technologies’ market cap declined by Rs 2,455.87 crore to Rs 2,28,816.24 crore.
– Bharti Airtel’s valuation declined by Rs 409.16 crore to Rs 2,36,552.97 crore.
Kotak Mahindra Bank’s market capitalization rose by Rs 32,570.94 crore to Rs 3,06,331.09 crore.

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