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Reliance Jio Fiber: Users will be able to use free trial pack from today, will get unlimited internet


new Delhi. After launching Jio Fiber plans recently, Reliance has now started giving information to its customers about it. It is worth noting that four new plans of Jio Fiber have become available to the users from 5th September i.e. today. Reliance is providing one month free trial pack to its customers under this plan. The biggest advantage of this will be that now new customers joining this plan will be given all services for a month free with unlimited data. In the trial pack being provided by the company, users will get 150 MBPS internet speed. Its special point is that under this free trial pack, equal speed (150 MBPS) has been kept for both upload and download by the company. Not only this, the company is also giving free subscription of 4K set top box and 10 OTT apps to the users in the free trial.

Reliance Jio is taking the help of social networking site Twitter and Mobile SMS to inform users of the trial pack offer. The company is already giving information on Twitter to users who are using Jio Fiber Service. A facility is also being provided by the company for older users. Under which, if a user is using the silver plan (Rs 849 per month) launched last year, then he can switch to the new plan. In addition, he will also get a one-month unlimited free trial offer. After which the user himself can take a plan of his choice or need. However, if a user chooses a new plan, then he will not be able to return to the old plan.

Reliance jio has brought a new jio fiber plan named ‘Naya Josh of New India’. Under this plan, any new customer will be connected to it, with unlimited data, all services will be given free for 30 days. It will get 150 MBPS speed. In the free trail, both Upload and download Speed ​​are kept equal ie 150 Mbps. Also 4K set top box and 10 OTT apps to the customer for free trail
Free subscription of Rs. After a month of free trail the customer can choose any one plan. The ‘New India’s New Zeal’ Tariff plans will start from Rs 399 per month to Rs 1499 per month. After free trial, the customer can also disconnect the connection of jio fiber. No money will be deducted for this, nor will any question be asked.

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