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Record investment of foreign investors in the stock market, figures came as a surprise


new Delhi. Foreign portfolio investors have made tremendous investments in Indian markets for the second consecutive month in November. FPI has invested a net of Rs 62,951 crore in Indian markets in November. According to the depository figures, FPI invested a net of Rs 60,358 crore in shares in November, which is a record. His net investment in debt and bond markets has been seen at Rs 2,593 crore. In this way, during November 3 to 27, FPI has invested a net Rs 62,951 crore in Indian markets.

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Peak investment
According to experts, global investors are giving priority to investment in emerging markets over developed markets. This is because they are more likely to benefit in emerging markets. This is the reason why foreign investors’ investment in India is at its peak. On the other hand, the returns in India are also good.

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More investment in banking sector
According to media reports, FPI has invested in some big companies in India. Most of his investment has been seen in the banking sector. As such, their investment flows are concentrated in a few stocks. Some uncertainties have been left behind in November. In which the US election is a big uncertainty. FPIs are also investing in Indian markets due to attractive valuations and dollar weakness compared to developed markets.


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