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Ram Gopal Varma’s ‘Rai’ costs 55 crores!


With forthcoming film ‘Veerappan’ due for release in May, veteran filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma is geared up for his next film ‘Rai’. The first glimpse of ‘Rai’ was unveiled on Sunday in Bangalore by Muthappa Rai, former underworld don on whose life the film is based. Starring actor Vivek Oberoi, ‘Rai’ is touted as the most expensive film by Ram Gopal Varma.

More than Rs 55 crore will be the budget of the film. “Rai film is going to cost more than Rs 55 crore, which will be my most expensive film ever by leaps and bounds,” RGV tweeted on the micro-blogging site on Sunday. The film will be shot in Mangalore, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Dubai, London and Kazakhstan, as claimed by RGV.

Currently, based near Bangalore, Muthappa Rai left the gangster life and decided to lead a normal one. He considers himself fortunate enough to be out of the mess. Though he still faces a threat from his underworld counterparts, he considers himself fortunate to be out of it. Right now, he follows the philanthropic path.

As quoted by The Times of India, RGV said, “Any filmmaker is only as good as the subject matter he gets, With ‘Rai’ I think I have the best subject matter I ever found in my entire career… Rai film for me is the story of an extraordinary man who lived, struggled and triumphed among extraordinary circumstances, it’s the story of an ultimate real life hero.”

With ‘Rai’, it’s a comeback time for Vivek Oberoi on the big screen. The actor will be seen after his last film ‘Krrish 3′. Sharing about his role in the film, Vivek told TOI, “Called a criminal by some and a messiah by many he is the ultimate symbol of justice! Feared, Loved and Respected he has become a legend in his own lifetime and he is on the way to becoming something much greater than a legend.”

Bollywood has been acquainted with numerous films based on underworld dons, but are they ready for another one? Is it worth the risk?

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