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Pull the Chain to Stop the Train – Doesn’t work Anymore!


“Pull the chain to stop the train.” Indian Railways chronically wrote these lines will soon be history. Railways will soon get rid of these chains. According to an official from pulling the chain attached to the railway delays on the railways has been a loss of nearly three thousand million.

Bareilly Izatnagar pigeonhole rail is going to work to remove these chains. Railway officials said emergency situation soon will be an option, such as the driver’s mobile number. North Eastern Railway’s public relations officer Rajendra Singh says, “become the new coaches will not chain the emergency. We have begun work to remove the chains from the old coach’s. ”

He said that we spray every three coaches are a number of drivers in a passenger as emergencies can contact him. Izatnagar his recent tour of the Railway Minister said Manoj Sinha, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar in the problem of trains running late Pulling chain is largely responsible.

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