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Priyanka Chopra appeals to promote women’s business, says – support each other this time


Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra is very active on social media. She has been working to make people aware of the corona virus for the last few days. She has now appealed to the people to support women’s business during the Corona crisis.

Priyanka, by sharing a video on her Instagram, has requested to support the women driven business. He says that the corona virus epidemic has affected the whole world. Even small businesses. I have had a lot of trouble seeing business coming to a standstill and hardwork employees. But I make a small start by supporting some small business related to women so that their car can get back on track.

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Priyanka said, “We all always try to give our best and move forward. The world is currently affected by Corona. Therefore, it is important that everyone should stand firmly with each other at this time. I have started a small initiative. I shared his profile in my Instagram Story. Please support them. Follow them or go shopping. Whatever you can help. ”

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“If you also know any business that needs support the most, then tag it in the comment box. Let me know about that and I will try to share some of them. I request all of you, come forward for any help you can. ”

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