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Post Office: How to make 5 lakh rupees in this scheme from 100 rupees a day? Learn full information here


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Post Office Recurring Deposit: There are many schemes of post office, where you can get good returns even in low investment plans. Investing in the Post Office Recurring Deposit (RD) scheme can prove beneficial for you. The special thing is that in this scheme you can start investing with a minimum of Rs 100. In this scheme you will not only get a fixed interest, but the money will also be completely safe. Explain that while investing in the post office, the investment period of the scheme should be kept in mind.

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How much interest will be received?
Post office recurring deposit accounts can be opened for five years. Currently, the scheme is getting 5.8 percent interest. Explain that the Government of India announces the interest rate of all its small savings schemes every quarter.

Start investing at Rs 100
A minimum of Rs 100 can be invested in the post office recurring deposit scheme. In this scheme, returns are given according to the fixed interest. Explain that the maximum maturity period in RD is up to 10 years. Post office RD account can be opened for five years, but you can extend it further. The special thing is that you can also deposit money online. Post office recurring deposits have the facility of both single account and joint account.

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How to make 5 lakh rupees?
In the post office recurring deposit scheme, you will have to invest Rs 100 daily, ie Rs 3 thousand a month for 10 years. During this time your total investment will be Rs 3.60 lakh and according to the current interest rate you will get a total of five lakh rupees. That is, out of five lakh rupees, you will get 1.40 lakh rupees as interest.

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