When Politics Became Tragedy; Crisis Over CM Power in Tamil Nadu


The Supreme Court in its judgment on Tuesday convicted the AIADMK General Secretary V. K. Sasikala in a 20-year-old disproportionate assets case. She has been sentenced to four years jail term. Though the verdict has put her out of the Chief Minister’s race for a decade, she has garnered sufficient supporters to rule her legacy.

The political instability has considerably affected the state and its people. Though the crisis has come to an end with the appointment of Edappadi K Palaniswami as the chief minister of Tamil Nadu, the upheaval caused in these days have left a blot on the political history. However, this has raised questions about the integrity of the ministers, including the former Chief Minister O. Panneerselvam and General Secretary Sasikala.

While the turmoil persisted in the state and social media ranted over the nomination of Sasikala as the Chief Minister, Sasikala transferred her supporting MLAs to the Golden Bay Resort. The divide between the two most pivotal members of the AIADMK party – Sasikala and Panneerselvam – was evident when the latter resigned from his post and declared publicly, “I was insulted and forced to resign as the Chief Minister.”

In the end, none of the chaos or arguments is for the public. It’s only for the position. The ugly political battle in Tamil Nadu coaxed me to scribe on this issue. Below are the certain unanswered questions battling within me that made me realise the deteriorating politics level in our country:

1. When OPS said, he was forced to resign and insulted by ministers.

How can the Chief Minister be compelled to resign? And if it happened, then why didn’t he keep a press conference before resigning? Why did he wait for two days to share this information with the public? Some of us will say that when you are locked in a room with a gun pointing your face, you are compelled to take such decisions, but then what is the guarantee that OPS will not do such things again?

If Chief Minister is under threat, imagine the case of citizens. It would hurt us, in the long run, if Tamil Nadu CM does a particular agreement under pressure that would affect the public.

Can we even afford to have such a Chief Minister who takes a decision under pressure? Should we elect such ministers who remained silent when OPS was being threatened and at the end, dodged on the other side?

2. When one of the OPS supporters said, they were asked to sign on blank paper.

What a shame when a minister tries to rectify his mistake by using such statements. How can a Minister / MLA sign on blank paper? Can we even trust such representatives?

None of the ministers who complained about political pressure for signing papers has filed a report. They have accepted publicly in media, but no legal action was adopted.

If the police don’t listen to Minister on these important issues, then what are the chances that the police will hear to ordinary citizens?

3. When Sasikala kept the MLAs in resort, but MLAs declined it

Can the candidates be kept in a resort without any access? Definitely, no. You cannot incarcerate ministers just to prove strength. However, there was a twist as few MLAs accepted being kept under coercion while others denied it.

There is a possibility that these MLAs were also threatened to support Sasikala. How can we trust such emissaries to work for the society without being scared? This level of politics is not deserved by the people. The Chief Minister’s post has become an object being dragged from one leader to another. Such leaders are an example because of which young aspiring leaders are either misled or misunderstood by the people.

Sasikala could have been arrested under kidnapping charges immediately but thanks to our chosen representatives who failed to accept the truth legally. They neglected to realise how their confinement has brought the entire state to a halt.

Scarcity of political options

This level brings forth a huge debate on what basis we select our leaders. On one side we encourage young leaders without political experience but determination and honesty to work for the public, and on the other end, we choose a leader without political experience but on emotional grounds.

The latter case was quite similar with Sasikala’s nomination for the Chief Minister. It was palpable that her selection was by her support to Jayalalithaa, but people were mourning her jail term failed to either understand or blindly ignore her course of action in the past few days. Surprisingly, they are saddened by her conviction but not disappointed over her involvement in the corruption case.

To develop a state/nation, the leader needs to be competent in planning, decision-making and leadership skills. And not just choose anyone random because of the requirement of the party. The people deserve better because it’s their money and they want it to be used for their state development.

PS: This is my general opinion, and it’s not favouring or defaming any leader. I would be happy to know the view of readers.

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